Dancing With A Desperado!

Since learning that I would not be allowed to see family, I have tried to think about the kind of food that I enjoy the most. It is always hard for me to pick favourites because I love variety. I knew I would not be able to face a lot of cooking and washing up though.

I have been picking up bits and bobs all week – vegan cheese and crackers, veggies to make a curry with and vegetarian treats. I also thought about what to drink during the holidays. Most of today I have been drinking coffee and tea and water. But I deliberately picked up a pack of Desperados this week. Beer flavoured with tequila – don’t ask me why but the combination works so well. I am not really a beer drinker – but my friends know that I am partial to a Desperado!

Around this time of the evening my family and I would be having a dance. It is so much fun the see three or sometimes four generations boogying together. Not this year! But I suppose there is no reason why I cannot dance here on my own!!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Dancing With A Desperado!”

  1. I might have this way, way wrong, but did you say you had made tentative plans to get married next year?

    Poor Cara is sitting on lonesone,
    In London, where COVID is rife.
    Make the most of this forced separation,
    After this, you’re stuck rest of your life.


    1. As you may know we have already lived in the same apartment so we are used to each other. Right now, is simply a matter of putting up with the present. I feel useful sticking at my NHS job. My current nest is a few minutes walk from work. His apartment is on the other side of London. He is a director of two major international charities now, he needs to be where he is for work.

      So we split the week up. It works well. He has recently bought a property near his parents, where he is staying this week.

      It was strange to be alone today, but it was fun to speak to so many relatives and friends on the phone. It has been fun. I even joined in a game with them, although I was disadvantaged because I could not hear the questions properly.

      Are your cute rhymes spontaneous? I know you sometimes write poetry.

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  2. Your song made me think of this… have you seen this? It’s so ridicuolous it’s funny. And I’m typing words here because if I don’t it might get flagged as spam. That’s all I wanted to post, this video. Words words words.

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    1. I have only had one bottle and I already feel like I need to crawl to bed. My head cannot cope with more than one drink – two drinks absolute max – but I need to be carried to bed – and as I am alone…..i am gonna stick to one today!


    1. Hey Carol Anne!!
      How have you been??
      Although I was not with my family in the flesh, I felt with them in spirit. We chatted for hours yesterday and today. The online party was great fun.
      Now I have just found out that The Sound Of Music is on BBC1 tomorrow – I could not be happier!!!


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