Dancing With A Desperado!

Since learning that I would not be allowed to see family, I have tried to think about the kind of food that I enjoy the most. It is always hard for me to pick favourites because I love variety. I knew I would not be able to face a lot of cooking and washing up though.

I have been picking up bits and bobs all week – vegan cheese and crackers, veggies to make a curry with and vegetarian treats. I also thought about what to drink during the holidays. Most of today I have been drinking coffee and tea and water. But I deliberately picked up a pack of Desperados this week. Beer flavoured with tequila – don’t ask me why but the combination works so well. I am not really a beer drinker – but my friends know that I am partial to a Desperado!

Around this time of the evening my family and I would be having a dance. It is so much fun the see three or sometimes four generations boogying together. Not this year! But I suppose there is no reason why I cannot dance here on my own!!!!!!!!

Another Cheesy Post For You

I have woken up without any appetite at all. So today I have just had coffee. I am sure a brisk walk out in the cold crisp air will help. I am looking forward to snacking on vegan cheeses and goats cheese with crackers. I am vegetarian (not vegan) but have a dairy intolerance. Goat’s cheese does not disagree with me, but cow’s cheese is a baddie.

My sister Milly was originally going to be hosting us in Snowdonia. She had bought vegan cheeses for me. Then, Wales changed their restrictions to only allow two households to meet today rather than three. So Milly and her family were going to travel up to England to allow three households to meet. And then….Tier 4 was put into restrictions meaning we were not allowed to mix with any other households or travel outside of this area.

So….as I was so excited about the prospect of vegan cheeses and crackers, I went out and bought myself some to cheer myself up. And it will cheer me up – when I am hungry!

In the meantime, I love all the comments and videos and links that have been left on my CARAMEL’S COCKTAIL CLUB post!!!!!!!!! It has already been great fun and I am sure there is lots more in store for today!

I have been curled up on the sofa, drinking coffee and watching “Singing In The Rain” I am happy. I am really looking forward to chatting with my family and friends. (Jack has already called three times to make sure I am ok! I keep telling him I am fine!!!) I am sure there will be a lot of cheese consumed today! I am very pleased with my vegan cheese!

Protect Your Nearest And Dearest

Doctor, Surgeon, Hospital, Surgery

After a year of recognizing the hard work of the NHS and other key workers and with many millions, no billions having made many sacrifices, please be sensible today. I really shocked at the weekend when I realized I would not see my family at all, that I would not be able to see anyone at all on my days off because my support bubble (Jack) escaped London before the restrictions were announced. So today – I AM ALL ALONE! Believe me – I plan to make the most of it!!! I have books I want to read, and I have cleaning to do! It will be ok. I will be cooking myself a nice meal and keeping my spirits up. It is weird though hey!

Today there are many thousands upon thousands of people who are caring for very sick people in hospitals and other medical care facilities. Many of them will be working twelve hour shifts. There are always medical workers (and others) who work shifts on bank holidays. The health service is definitely a 24/7/365 enterprise. The work never stops. But this year, we have all been asked to take some sensible precautions to ease the pressure on a tsunami of work that has come along. We have been asked to play our part so that our health service does not have to make dire decisions on who can receive care and who cannot.

Please enjoy your time together, but be mindful that we need to protect each other. Please. Real love involves sacrifice. Please do everything sensible to protect your loved ones while still enjoying the temporary one-day lifting of restrictions.