Did I ever imagine that today I would be hosting a virtual party on WordPress? Nope!!! But the plan changed last weekend when the UK government announced that London and surrounding areas are in Tier 4!! So thousands of people will be alone today – just like me! However, all is not lost, because we know how to throw a party!

So whether you are in London or anywhere else, all alone or just trying to escape the noise and in your household for a few minutes – please drop by today and say hello in the comments below! Tell us what you are drinking at home or place an order at CARAMEL’S COCKTAIL BAR. We serve cocktails and mocktails and the finest champagne!

There will be little nuggets to look OUT FOR TODAY – we have music, comedy and hopefully the games we planned will work too! But whatever you do – please know that if you are alone geographically – you do not have to be alone at all today. There is an amazing bunch here on WordPress who are determined to help everyone get through this cold, dark and perhaps challenging time.

I am going to start the day with things we would love for you to share with us:

  • Can you tell us which songs cheer you up – they don’t need to be festive – we just want to hear music that lightens our spirits and brings a smile to our face. You can leave an artist and song title and I will find a video to link to the comments or if you know how to do it, then please leave a video link yourself.
  • For those of you who have cameras and can load a picture onto your blog. Could you take a photo of something you are eating today – be it a cooked dinner, a cake, or something healthy – can you post a photo and pingback to this post so we can all drool over what you are eating please?
  • Do you have a favourite comedy sketch? It might be classic comedy or a spoof sketch. Could you find a video and leave a clip? Or give me some clues so I can find a clip to post? (Nothing offensive though please – this is an international party and we want everyone to feel welcome!)
  • Are you a poet? could you leave us with a few lines about either cocktails, parties, how to cope with being alone, showing unselfish love, or anything else that warms our hearts on a day when many of us will be missing our loved ones
  • Do you have a favourite blog post from either your own website or another blogger’s site that has brought a huge smile to your face during 2020?
  • Is there a special someone you want to give a shout out to? Let us know who you are missing most and who you would be with if it was not for the pandemic restrictions!



When I say “we” I mean the royal we – as in me. But I know Jack and some of my other friends will be checking all the comments too.

To give you an idea of some of the amazing bloggers who have been making WordPress a sensation throughout 2020 here contributions from two of my favourite bloggers:

The incredibly talented Roberta Cheadle, the creator of Robbie’s inspiration has created an entire village from chocolate and gingerbread!!!!

One of the bloggers who warms my heart and makes WordPress an absolute joy for me is Kristian, the creator of Tales from the mind of Kristian, has been recording songs that have certainly cheered me up right down to my toes!

This one is special – for all of us who are physically ALL MY OURSELVES – we can be united and connected with the people dearest to us and the most fabulous bloggers through WordPress and YouTube and Zoom and Instagram. I am not always a social media fan and truth be told – I am a bit of a technophobe – but when technology is used to warm hearts and be a positive influence on each other – kudos to that!!! Thank you Kristian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


140 thoughts on “CARAMEL’S COCKTAIL BAR IS OPEN!!!”

            1. Glad to be on the early shift. It just seemed to be getting busy as I was leaving. I came home and watched Paddington 2 and felt a little bit weepy about not seeing my family. But I have been trying to prepare to spoil myself this weekend.

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  1. Any song? I ‘m so fed up of hearing “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” played on a loop at work. So I don’t want to do festive. The song that cheers me up, don’t know why, but it makes me feel like the party is on is Walk The Dinosaur.

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      1. Oh that is brilliant. Yes, yes – I think you and I might have the same idea of a party! Well at least before the real music starts. So one of the songs that cheers me up – in fact it is probably the song I have listened to more than any other all year is “In The Jungle”

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        1. They just don’t make music videos like they used to!
          That’s a nuts song. How about Kriss Kross?
          How many parties did I go to growing up where we were all jumping up and down as a group. Great song for lads who don’t know how to dance.

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          1. I have jumped to that song many a time! Yes the whole room would jump in tandem. It was perfect for kids parties.
            The other song that we all loved at parties when we were kids was James – “Sit Down” – whenever they played it, we all did exactly that!

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                1. I had a mince pie with a glass of sherry half an hour ago. I can’t remember sherry tasting that bad. Maybe I am normally so tanked up when I am at my parents I don’t notice it is so foul.

                  Now I need a pint of bitter to get rid of the taste.

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                  1. Sherry has a funny taste – my mum used to love it.
                    I have some Guinness in the cupboard. My fiancé likes it.
                    I bought myself a pack of Desperados the other night. I was sure they would cheer me up during a weekend alone.

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                    1. No, but I think it is coming to that time of day.
                      I still need to decide what to eat. I made a curry while I was talking to my family on the phone, but I have no appetite so I might freeze it. There is a whole bag of spinach in the fridge and some mushrooms – I might make an omelette. I need to actually feel hungry to decide/

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    1. I was just reading your post! Yes, it looks delicious.
      I love M&S treats. I bought some of their vegetarian party food at the start of month only because I was curious to see if they had come up with anything good. They had vegan pigs in blankets which I just needed to try.
      I was going to make a black forest cheesecake for my family – sob sob. I sent my sister the recipe in case she wanted to make it. If she doesn’t then I will make it for them another time.

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  2. My kinda erotica poem about cocktails – one particular cocktail

    Original post –


    He is my favourite cocktail

    Better than any mocktail

    As I gaze at him the more allure

    To my new addiction there’s no cure

    Coffee flavour for a kick

    Leaves me with the urge to lick

    He wakes me up like Monday morning

    Then dazzles me until I’m fawning

    Irresistibly dirty

    And so shamelessly flirty

    I’m aroused by the ultimate hunk

    Thirsting for him even when I’m drunk

    Mysterious seduction

    Darkest sweet corruption

    Imagining that he’s in my bed

    Fantasies that make me blush deep red*

    Intoxicated lovers

    Drink him under the covers

    After every luxurious sip

    I hold my breath, bite my lower lip

    My taste buds begin to burst

    Gulping him to quench my thirst

    The liquor in his verse scorches souls

    Ignites a flame in me like hot coals

    Hooked by his refined flavour

    That my tongue wants to savour

    At times I’m ashamed that I’m so smitten

    Can you blame a naughty sex kitten?

    Rich, brooding complex,

    Masterful erotic sex

    He’s faster than a lamborghini

    Pour me an espresso martini!

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      1. Mel – I was shaking my head when I saw the videos that have been posted above (other than the Aretha and George duet) – what kind of parties did you go yo as a child? OMG!

        So I have been listening to TayTay’s new album over and over – Ben is getting fed up of it. But if we are talking more party music – I have to go with Queen Bee. I think I’m gonna go classic for now. But I will think about some other songs. We are just changing for dinner – so I will catch y’all later!

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          1. You asked us to mention our favourite posts or give shout outs.
            My favourite blogger writes gorgeous poems. I would love to give Gentleman Dave a shout-out! This is one of his sweetest poems, but he writes some very hot stuff too!


            My own favourite….oooh….I think I am pleased when I come up with a poem that rhymes and captures something I did not think I had in me before I started. There are two of my poems which I was frankly amazed at when I had finished them – they are very slap & tickle style. I think this one was the biggest surprise to me:


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      2. I asked Ben what his favourite music or comedy sketch is. It took him ages to think of one – but he loves the sketch about which cookies are best to be dunked in a cup of tea. I think he compares Rich Tea to Hobnobs – which is real funny:

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          1. Asking Ben to pick his favourite song is a different question from asking for music that lifts the heart or belongs at a party?

            What do you want Mel? Nirvana? Metallica? To please me Ben might pick a Taylor Swift song – but if you want a cheerful one – maybe Shake It Off or 22? Or maybe Christmas Tree Farm considering the day!

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    1. Oh I love it!!!!
      The thing I love most is that it is so summer! I want to look ahead now to warm weather and being at the beach and doing all the things I love with family and friends. Maybe by summertime we will be able to have more fun!

      Thank you so much Paula – it’s going to be an odd weekend, but I know I am overdue a good rest so I keep telling myself to enjoy it.


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    1. Another music video that shouts summer!!!! Is it ok for me to say I have given up on winter and now I just want to look ahead when I can be back with family running along Aberdyfi beach and having summer BBQs.

      Great pick Kianna! Definitely cheered me up 🙂

      Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

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      1. I am ready for summer too. It can’t come fast enough. I just hope Corona will be handled by then or at least handled better than right now 🙂 Merry Christmas and have a nice weekend 🙂

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  3. It’s still Christmas Eve here. We were promised rain. We have had half of the yearly norm of 15 inches this year. I counted 10 drops and it was gone. It is a “freezing to me” 50 F here. I am having hot chocolate and soup. I am trying a new recipe for lentil soup. My holiday is Hanukkah. It is packed away until next year. Normally we go out for Chinese food on Christmas, but as we are in lockdown, home is safest. Happy holiday all.

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    1. I was just watching the weather forecast for our weekend. It is cold and crisp and sunny today. But they say there is a huge storm headed our way tomorrow which will cause a lot of damage. That looks scary.

      Hot chocolate in these cold temperatures is perfect! I also love lentil soup. I love veggie soups but lentils make me feel a little more nourished. We make a recipe a Greek chef gave to me.

      Home is safest this year – you are right. I am eating curry today as it is just be here! But I will enjoy it more than a traditional roast. It looks as if it is going to be a day of watching musicals and chatting with my loved ones on the phone. So far I am happy, no tears yet! But I do miss them.

      More than anything – I want those I love to be safe and well! So I know that showing my love for them means staying away this year. I am looking forward to the day family get togethers are safe again!

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      1. You are eating curry today! Love it! Caramel is always going to rock being on her own for the holidays – you are not alone though! You are so in the hearts of everybody who loves you – you are an angel!!!!!!! ❤


      1. 😂 I know, my husband and I had our wedding reception 25 years ago at an Italian hall, and our vegetarian friends kept being asked if they wanted lasagna because it was just with ground beef, or maybe fish, because that’s not meat, etc. 🤣

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    1. It is such an odd situation to having to stay away from family – your chocolate and gingerbread creation is truly spectacular and I am sure all of your family will be thrilled by it!

      I have had three calls from Jack who has been worried about me being alone. But I am just fine. I have so many lovely emails from friends who are also on their own today. My family have been sending messages and we will talk on the phone once they have eaten some food.
      There are so many classic musicals on TV. Normally we are too busy to watch any telly at this time of year, but I am enjoying the chance today!

      ❤ Have a wonderful weekend Robbie ❤

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    1. ❤ I am so sorry you are not feeling well!!!! ❤
      I hope you have chance to rest and recuperate. I saw a storm is headed across the south tomorrow. Staying home and wrapped up warm seems the best way to get through the weekend.

      We love you Mister Bump!

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  4. Hot chocolate with lots of whip cream, please.

    Let’s see… this has been my happy song this month:

    And my favorite silly Christmas song from childhood:

    And one of my favorite serious Christmas songs:

    A favorite blog post… well, in the last couple months I wrote about two major turning points in my life. Even though they’re my stories, and I wrote them myself, I’ve reread them more times than I should admit:

    And… honestly, even though I’m not supposed to be traveling, I made an overnight trip to my parents’ house. I know they’re being really careful about everything. But I really miss getting to see my friends. One of my friends always has a big party at his house with lots of games and a gift exchange. And last year I had a big retro video game party at my house on the weekend between Christmas and New Year’s.

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      1. Haha! 🙂

        Years ago, when I first heard the original non-holiday Raining Tacos… I’ve always had a good ear for music, and my first thought was “This is the same chord progression as Pachelbel’s Canon.” Then, after I had that thought, I read the video description on YouTube… “Pachelbel died in 1706 and is no longer using his Canon in D. I’m pretty sure he would have liked tacos.” I got a good laugh out of that…

        The original, in case you aren’t familiar with it:

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        1. Actually it was not my spam folder, I found about twenty comments that had bypassed spam and ended up in the bin folder. I have no idea why. I am glad I checked! There are 7,000 comments in the bin folder currently – it makes me wonder if I should check them!!

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            1. I know! I try to check my spam folder semi-regularly, but I never usually check the bin folder. I only checked it because my friend Annette said she had tried to pingback and it had vanished. I found her pingback and all the others in the bin folder.

              Oh well – another wonky aspect of WordPress for me to be aware of. Still has the best bloggers though!

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  5. Best comedy sketch has to be a Morecambe and Wise clip. Maybe their Singing In The Rain sketch is one of the best. I can’t find the full version on YouTube, but this gives you an idea:

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  6. I have two favourite comedy sketches for you. I cannot find the full version, but here is a short clip from Julie Walter’s “TWO SOUPS” waitress sketch:

    But this one I think is the full version – which still makes us laugh every time we see it:

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  7. Hey Mel. By now your cocktail party is well and truly over. No doubt you have cleaned up too ☺️. I’m sorry I’m so late. I had a lovely Christmas Day with my closest family but my heart still struggled. I haven’t posted anything this week even though I feel like I should. I just don’t know what to say. I do hope you’re well and wish you and Jack all the best. I hope it’s not too long now before you get to be together again. 💗

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    1. I noticed this week that the mood was grey at work, patients seemed really low. I also noticed that only a very small fraction of houses seem to have any decorations on the outside of their houses around here. That doesn’t make a difference to me, but it is a stark contrast with previous years.

      I think the ups and downs in November and December have come at a bad time of year when it is already dark and cold and grey. First we went into a national lockdown, then they say the vaccines are emerging with 95% success rates in tests, then they people can get together for five days at the end of December, then they say we are in tiers which are still going to restrict hospitality, then they start administering the vaccine to people, then the shopping centres start filling up, then London gets put in Tier 3 and everyone starts feeling nervous, then shock horror the chaos and disappointment as Tier 4 restrictions burst everyone’s bubble and the rest of the country have to change their plans and wonder what to do with eh huge Ocado order that has just turned up on the doorstep?

      It’s just been the kind of yoyo-ing nobody enjoys. I think a lot of us just want to hide under the covers until it is all over.

      I have really tried to keep my mind fixed on everything my parents have ever taught me and what life has taught me – goodness and love always win. I am strengthened by looking for the good in people.

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    2. We were deflated when we heard the news last weekend. But these past few weeks has just given us more resolve that we have to take all these warnings seriously. We have rather a lot of friends who have been casual about the restrictions, having private dinner parties, lying to restaurants about who they were dining with, claiming they were in the same household. We feel now we have to make more of a stand with everyone we know that the only way to reverse the trend is to stick to the rules. We are going to think about how to word that, but it seems that essentially people who have been taking more and more liberties have ruined the holidays for the country.

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