London – We Can Do This!

I know….I know….this is not what we were expecting or hoping for. London and surrounding areas – we are grounded, exiled to home. No seeing any family or friends outside our own household for the foreseeable future – that’s right – all on our own throughout the holidays!

You have to laugh or you would cry hey!

So here I am raising my hands to make it clear I will be one of the many thousands of people who live alone in London who will literally be all by myself from Friday to Sunday! My support bubble (Jack) had already left London before the Tier 4 announcement! He is obviously going to stay up in the Lake District for at least a week.

We spoke on the phone earlier and he said “you will have to host an event on your blog inviting anyone to drop by and chat throughout the holidays” – with special guests anyone who is like me – all on our own!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?

So….look out for a post on Friday – Caramel is running a special event this year. I have decided to open up Caramel’s Cocktail Club and I will be inviting you to drop in and say hello, tell me what you are drinking or what you would like me to mix up for you. Jack is trying to help me set things up for some online games on the blog if anyone wants to join in the fun. Feel welcome to drop in songs, funny videos to cheer us up or leave anything to help the thousands like me who will be ALL ALONE!!!!!!!!!

46 thoughts on “London – We Can Do This!”

    1. Yes, that is pretty much what they are telling us. It is here in the south east of England especially but they are concerned at the alarming rate is is spreading. They don’t seem to know if the recently approved vaccines will work against it.

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  1. This is a wonderful idea Melody.
    I am heartbroken for you, but you are one of the strongest people I know.
    We will definitely be calling you on Friday. Robert and I were not expecting to be alone. All the plans to see family have been cancelled.
    The funny thing is, we were taking all the wine and sherry. We need to pick up some food for the end of the week. We are not too worried about what we will eat – there is no point making a huge meal for just the two of us.

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    1. Oh yes! Please do call. It will be strange. But it would be great to have a chat on Friday or over the weekend.

      I am working right up until Thursday night. I can’t believe Jack managed to dodge this one! He has been so jammy this year.

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    1. It was a shocker when we heard. I was at work and had been talking about my plans to see my family all day when the news broke. Honestly I wanted to cry! I came back to my nest and watched the news and felt so deflated. I called my family and we all cried. They wanted me to travel anyway and claim I as in a social bubble with them. But I am already in a bubble with my fiancé (he just happens to have left for the Lake District before they made the Tier 4 announcement.

      I have come to terms with it, and I know this is just a temporary situation and it will pass. I think what makes it hard is that I know so many people who are ignoring the rules. That is sad.

      We will be serving mocktails all day tomorrow!!

      I am off to bed now, but I am really looking forward to connecting with everyone tomorrow. It will be a great way to get through a lonely old day!

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  2. Reblogged this on LADY LEWIS and commented:
    Spread the word….the wonderful Caramel is hosting a special event on Friday for all of us who will be alone. CARAMEL’S COCKTAIL BAR!

    She is inviting us to look out for her Friday post and chat to each other while we are all by ourselves this year. I am sure there will be many other Londoners like me and Robert who will be dropping by!

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  3. So sorry you’re going to be alone this week Mel. That’s such a shame. I am fortunate to have four people in my household so even though we can’t meet with the wider family at least we have each other. I’ll be thinking of you and will try to drop by. 💗

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    1. ❤ Thank you! ❤
      It was not what we were expecting. If Jack had been here when they made the Tier 4 announcement then he and I could have still been together, but he was already up in the Lakes.

      I spoke to my family last night, and there were some tears. But we have to do the right thing. Everyone who ignores the rules is making this drag on for longer for everyone else. So I am determined to grin and bear it!

      I am sure I have lots to keep me busy on my days off and my family and Jack will be calling . But it would be great to connect with as many as possible.

      I think that the story of 2020 is pulling together and helping each other through a challenging time. I am going to be busy with work right up until Thursday night so I am going to try not to get to sad about not seeing my family.

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    1. I know right!
      Well, I am going to set the example. After all, I am working for the NHS – so I have to make sure we are practicing what we preach hey!
      I could just sleep and read and eat all day – but I figure there might be lots like me who have had a huge heart-breaking disappointment. So I want to make sure we have some fun!

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      1. I hear a lot of people are trying to escape London on trains… clumping together and completely disregarding all the recommendations. The government might have shot themselves in the foot with this if stopping the spread was their aim. :/ It’s good that you’re staying positive 🙂

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        1. I think some people might be trying. But you can’t just rock up at the station and get on a train. You need a reservation. Trains are socially distanced. But the stations have been too crowded – yes.

          I have a train ticket booked for Thursday night – but as soon as I watched the news I realized it would be wrong to travel – simple as that. Those of us who live in London are in a danger zone. If we travel, we risk people in other parts of the country. That is a selfish thing to do.

          I think they need to be more firm with people. There are too many saying “what about me?” We need someone to be a little firmer in saying that travel is a big no.

          They ought to stop the trains from running really. Just as they should have stopped airports in the spring. Look at what has happened in Australia – they closed their borders – there numbers have been extremely low throughout the year.

          They are just being much too soft with people here and therefore too many people are ignoring the rules and doing what is best for them. They are making this drag on for longer for themselves and everyone else.

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          1. Someone on Twitter said they were letting people on and overfilling the trains then telling people that social distancing could not be followed and that people should get off if they had a problem with it. I am like; What? NO. Close the station down and send them home. I don’t know what is going on right now.

            So many people are too selfish. Go safely by car or don’t go at all. Crowded trains, busses, and planes are no go.

            New Zealand has done amzingly. I read they’ve only had like… 25 deaths because their Prime Minister closed everything down early on. I believe she is nominated for Time’s Person of the Year because of that.

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            1. That is terrible. Any rail staff doing that should be fined. The problem is here in London a lot of people don’t have cars – public transport is so good it is much easier to get around than by car. But maybe they should get taxis out of London.

              So long as people keep ignoring the advice, this virus gets a free ride.

              I am sad that I will not see my family – but there is no way on earth I will put my parents at risk.

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              1. It really is. As I said, what is happening? Taxis are expensive though.

                Public transport stresses me out… did so even before Corona. I’ll always prefer the comfort of a car. Don’t care if it’s a hassle or it will take me 5 times longer to get anywhere. I would not enter one of those virus infected contraptions called trains and busses at the moment. And especially not planes where the air is recycled. Just the thought of that at this time gives me the heebee-jeebies right now.

                I understand that. I wouldn’t do it either.

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    1. ❤ Yayyyyyy! That would be amazing!!!! ❤

      I am thinking up ideas for music, games (don't know how that will work yet) and funny clips.

      This was another one of Jack's ideas so I have asked him to think of some things that will be great to share too.

      I am not sure how it is going to go Ashley, but I do know this – I know how to party!

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  4. We’ve been there for a couple weeks now, but a lot of people aren’t following the rules, including a lot of the politicians preaching the loudest about staying home but getting caught not following their own rules.

    I actually got to see my family today, unexpectedly. Mark is a long-distance truck driver, he drives all over the USA, and he had a delivery out this way today. Mom and Dad had some important papers that they needed to take him, so they drove about two hours to the truck stop where he slept last night. And this truck stop is less than an hour drive from my house, so I went and joined them. And even though I’m not supposed to be traveling, I might go see Mom and Dad on actual Christmas anyway, either for the day or overnight at most. Mom and Dad have been really safe and cautious through this whole thing, because Mom does most of the caretaking of her 100-year-old mother and she doesn’t want her to get sick. I don’t know if I even feel like going to see them for Christmas, though… I need to be careful myself too, and I’ve just been down in general.

    I’ll be here for your cafe post, although if I do break curfew and go to my parents’ house I don’t always check WP as promptly as I do when I’m at home. Or just send me a message if you need to talk.

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  5. Im so sorry you will be alone! Thank you for sacrificing this time to save others (hopefully). Here in the US we are supposed to be locked down but people aren’t doing it. No one enforces the rules and people are angry and screaming at one another for having to wear a mask. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and. Happy and healthy New Year!

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    1. It is a shame 😦

      I feel good that I am doing the right thing. I am sad that so many are ignoring the rules. I know lots here in London who are carrying on as if everything is normal. But as long as they do that, the longer this situation will go on for.

      A facemask is so very small in the long run. I understand people may find it inconvenient, but it is a simple ask when we are asking people to show love and care for others.

      Thank you for your lovely message! Have a lovely weekend ❤

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  6. It’s so sad that so many people will be alone this year. So many people will get and sick and die over the next year, over anything….and they will have had missed time they could have had with their friends and family. I know this sickness is real and scary but our time could be up at any moment. I hate that you’ll be alone. I’m sending you Christmas love and prayers. I hope your holiday is still a good one somehow.

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    1. It’s all very odd this year. I keep reminding myself it is a temporary necessity and that I it will pass. I will talk with my family a lot over the next few days and I want them to send me photos (which might make me cry, but I would feel more sad without photos).
      I am going to watch Singing In The Rain tomorrow and eat my favourite foods. I am going to rest. This month has been crazy at work, so I know that the truth is I could do with some peace and quiet and rest.
      Thank you for your lovely message Skelly ❤

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  7. Bizarrely this made my sisters’ respective Xmas’s. The one was dreading spending it with her in-laws, now she can’t leave Tier 4. The other wasn’t looking forward to Xmas with just her other half and now her best-friend, who can’t travel to Tier-4 to spend the Festive Season with her daughter, is joining them. However, am aware that a number of people will be on their lonesome so congratulations on hosting Caramel’s Cocktail Bar. I’m sure everyone will have a great time.

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    1. It has probably worked out for some.
      I am sad Sheree – I will admit. I have only seen my family once this year, and there was so much talk and attention on the lifting of restrictions over the holidays – we were really deflated after being put in Tier 4.

      But I am going to get through it with a smile. I know we are protecting our loved ones and many others as well by doing what we have been asked to do. I am sad that so many are ignoring the rules. That is hard. But the more people break the rules, the longer this goes on for.

      I think Caramel’s Cocktail Bar is going to be fun. It has only just started and already lots of bloggers have dropped by!

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      1. BoJo has done a poor job in managing expectations and dashing people’s hopes at the last minute. Unfortunately those ignoring the rules make the situation worse fir everyone. Merry Christmas Mel


    1. I just went through my spam folder and found loads of comments from bloggers including you my friend.
      I am off to bed now, but it looks as if there are going to be a quite a few joining in already!!!
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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  8. It will be just my husband and me around here, since Ontario, Canada is in lockdown as well, and our two daughters are abroad (Japan and France). I will try to drop by, thanks for the invite!

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    1. It is going to be a tough weekend.

      But I am going to try to make the most of the time off work. I am going to eat my favourite foods – I am making curry tomorrow. I will meet a friend for a walk (she is on her own too) and I will watch musicals. I am looking forward to chatting with my family on the phone. It will be good for me to rest – the NHS has been so busy this year – I think I should be grateful for a chance to have some complete rest.


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