Letting My Hair Down

I love wearing my hair down. I love it. I have only been to a hair salon once this year – August, so my hair is very long again. This year I have worn my hair up, clipped tightly for work. It feels so strange. But we have to have our hair tied neatly for work.

I love coming home from work on Saturday and literally “letting my hair down”. It is such a great feeling. Jack will spend Sunday with me and then he is going back to his on Monday to get ready for his journey up to the Lake District. He is going to make the most of the time with them.

We will be connecting via technology during the week to come, but I am working right up until Thursday evening – so he can only catch me in the evenings.

I just want to say to all the lovely bloggers who are so kind to read and comment on my posts – work has been intense during December, this past week has been nuts. We are doing alright – as a team – but the pace is fast and furious. So I come home from work and just collapse. I know it is effecting the time I have to read your posts and comment – I am sorry if I appear unappreciative. I love the bloggers on WordPress. I have lots of CARAMEL’S CORNER Book Reviews in my drafts folder to finish off. They will resume in January.

For the next week or so…I am going to be working like crazy and then at the end of the week, I finally get to let my hair down for three days in a row!!!!!!!!


19 thoughts on “Letting My Hair Down”

    1. It’s all changed today though. We found out we are now Tier 4, which means I can’t see any of my family. I am trying to console myself that I have a stack of books on my bed side table and I want to catch up with deep cleaning.

      Still. If they can do one thing for me…it will be broadcasting The Sound Of Music on the BBC to cheer me up.

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        1. I know!!!!!!!!!!1

          However – I am trying to don the proverbial stiff upper lip – we have to get through this vey hazardous time.
          The news was deeply sombre tonight. They are focusing on a variant of the virus that is spreading like wildfire, and they don’t think the recently approved vaccines are effective against.

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    1. Well, yes, I found out yesterday that because London is in Tier 4 I will be alone on my days off. I am not allowed to travel to see family. Jack is already up north in the Lake District because his mum had a fall.

      So I will let my hair down and while I am alone, I will catch up on reading and cleaning. I think London is in shock. We were in Tier 2 a week ago. People were out at restaurants. On Wednesday we were put into Tier 3. Now, Tier 4 means that on Friday, people have to stay at home and not mix with anyone from another household. That has surprised a lot of people and I think may have been lots of tears.

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        1. Yes, it will pass. I keep trying to remember that we are doing this because we love people. I will be fine. I know how to make the most of the peace and quiet. But I already know people who are still going to have their family over and ignore the rules. That is what makes me sad. So many are doing the right thing and making these sacrifices. But too many are ignoring the restrictions when they do not suit them. That is perpetuating the situation and making it drag out longer. That genuinely saddens me.

          But I convinced of the blessings of a good conscience and that when a person knows that their love is truly unselfish and self-sacrificing a deep inner glow is the result. I am sure that is something deeply precious.

          I was supposed to be with Jack today, but now I am alone I found a movie on TV I love. The Slipper And The Rose – I am very happy watching that and sipping toffee nut latte while I am curled up on the sofa.

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  1. I miss my long hair so badly. I have always had super long dark hair my whole life, It’s like a safety blanket for me. While Covid closed down all the salons I tried to be brave and do my own hair. It did not work out well for me at all. I bleached my hair so badly that it fell out and I had no choice but to cut my hair right above my hair. I did final get my hair color back to normal and it healthy again but it’s so short. Lesson here… don’t bleach your own hair.

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    1. I have to admit though – when I tie my long hair up for work, it keeps falling out. It’s not great. I am pretty desperate for a trim, but all the salons are closed now in Tier 4 and we can’t travel out of the area. I am going to have to put up with my long hair for some time!


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