Jack And I Are On A Diet

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We still have no idea when to start shopping for wedding clothes, but in the meantime Jack has decided we will start a diet. He was the one who said he wanted to lose some weight (these past few months he has not been as physically active as usual), and I said that if he loses weight, then I want to lose weight too.

Jack suggested we start in 2021. I suggested we start now (and we can have a break when we see some family at the end of the month). So that was it – we are now on a diet. December is not the time to start a diet!!! It is cold!

We are going to take it easy to begin with – no wine and no puddings. I bet that will make a difference in itself. But I am also going to think about all the extras I sometimes add to the dinner table and try to have a simpler cooking repertoire whenever Jack and I are together. But for three or four days of the week, he has to feed himself, so I will check his cupboards and try to remove the naughty items I know he sneas in there!

18 thoughts on “Jack And I Are On A Diet”

        1. lol – I am sure I will have a glass of wine on my days off. But I am going to make the most of the peace and rest.

          I do not want to put my family at risk. I am just going to use my days off to rest, read, clean and have some nice food on my own. I will look ahead t the future.


    1. I ended up without any appetite yesterday! I had an omelette in the end. But I have a fridge full of food! I am trying to work myself through the salad first and then I will move onto the rest.


    1. He has gone up north now (Jack’s mum had a fall last week) so for the next week at least I will have no idea what he will be eating.

      I gave into the temptation of a stollen bite today.

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        1. In some ways it has worked out well for him. Originally his plans were to travel on Monday, but yesterday we were placed in Tier 4 which would have cancelled his plans all together. He is glad that he travelled when he did. But he is sad that I will be alone. I am ok with it though. I was heartbroken last night when I realized I won’t see any family and will be alone on my days off. But now I am consoling myself with all that I will be able to do on my days off. It will pass.

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  1. Caramel 🤍, This is a very good way to look at it all. It will pass. I hope the days off bring rest and relaxation. Sending you lots of care for a safe and rejuvenating break. Take very good care of you.

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