Our Escape From The World

Jack and I had a little break last month. Aaaaah! Sigh! So lovely 🙂

Island, Heart, Ocean, Lagoon, Beach, Sea

No, we did not fly off to some romantic getaway, an exclusive exotic escape. We were in rather plain accommodation, in need of decorating. But there was a reason for that. He showed me a place he now owns. He now owns a property not far from where his parents and siblings live.

It’s also much closer to my family than London is. If at any point London descends into almighty chaos, he said we have a little place we can go straight to.

We talked a lot while we were away. He has all sorts of possibilities up his sleeve and he is trying to make plans for the future. I am not anxious about making plans for me right now. But it’s nice that he is thinking of making plans for us. It’s pretty amazing actually.

I’d like to help him decorare his new property. Yes, of course I would. I’d like to hide there away from the rest of the world. But work is important. He does not want to slow down with working for charities.

Nonetheless, our little break from London and the world was very much appreciated. I never imagined that Jack and I would be….no, too many tears to finish that sentence. Isn’t it wonderful! I mean isn’t it!!!! Jack and Melody are together, really together. He was quite determined to “put a ring on it”. All our nearest and dearest know…so because I know I will unconsciously let it slip sooner or later, I thought I would tell you now.