Jack Has Been Spoiling Me

Jack and I have not really had a lot of discussions about money. We have both sacrificed paid work for many years in order to volunteer for charities. But additionally. we have both worked in paid roles. Before Jack became a full-time volunteer he made a lot of money in the entertainment industry. But he has let go of most of that, but still retained enough for him not to worry about money at all. (It makes you sick – doesn’t it!)

Jack has been able to earn a better rate of pay than myself, but he is still sensible on the whole with money. He does not think in terms of luxuries. He knows what money can do to help people, so he does not think in terms of five star luxury and spending crazy money on silly things. However, he has occasionally been spoiling me in one specific area.

Bear in mind he knows that this year I have been sending a lot of my wages to family. He bought me a couple of dresses in August – the one time I have seen my family this year. Well, in preparation for a weekend with my family at the end of this month, Jack wanted to buy me another dress. Only I could not decide which…so he bought me two dresses. You may be able to tell that I have a real thing for navy at the moment! It makes my engagement ring stand out.

The good news is, the second dress was in the half price sale. Also I had a special code from Phase Eight allowing me another 20% off the order. So, I did feel a little better about the indulgence of two dresses. I wore the first dress you see on Tuesday when Jack and I did an official visit to a site to thank some of full-time volunteers for their extraordinary sacrifices this year. I loved wearing that dress. It was perfect.

Sometimes I feel bad for buying anything new. I have a good conscience that most of my wardrobe is from charity shops. But Jack pinches me and tells me after all the chances to earn we have given up and all the money we have given away, it is ok to have a couple of new dresses and enjoy them. I know that it is ok. I still can’t help but think of people who don’t have enough money to feed their families and therefore go to bed hungry.

This world has such disgusting extremes – the wealthy wasting money on lavish parties and absurd amounts on homes and cares and private aeroplanes. I feel guilty for having two new dresses. Jack tells me to let it go. I must. You would go crazy if yourself everything because of how the money could be used.

It is still not right that people are allowed to earn absurd amounts of money and spend absurd amounts of money on trivial luxuries. I find it almost criminal. But who would be that person who marks the line? Can you say to the wealthy, “look, you have a hundred times more money than the average person in a Western land. So we are going to take half of your wealth and use it to aid people who need farming tools and fishing equipment, and tools to dig a wells, and educational materials for their children, and equipment for hospitals”. Who can do that?

Can you believe I only started writing this post because I was so excited about my new dresses – but I felt guilty writing about them! I wish everyone had equal resources. I hate this world of absurd inbalances.

18 thoughts on “Jack Has Been Spoiling Me”

    1. It’s nice to be adored ❤
      But I don't like money being wasted on silly things when it could be used for better purposes.
      I am content that a new dress at a 70% discount is not the most absurd use of money and am truly grateful to Jack. He is very sweet.

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    1. You are right. Balance is important.
      I often think of the special people we have met abroad who have virtually nothing materially. I feel we are so spoilt in the West. But it is important to be balanced.

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  1. There are many basic comforts that you could, if you were so inclined, deprive yourself of because others don’t have them, but that wouldn’t actually translate into helping anyone else. But engaging in self-care helps you to continue devoting a large part of your life to the charities that you value, and I’d say that getting a pretty dress or two every so often is a form of self-care.

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    1. I try to keep balanced. A new dress at 70% discount is not absurd. But I wish that all people had what they needed. Knowing how many people are in dire poverty is sad. I long for this corrupt system to be changed.

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  2. Please don’t feel guilty. You’ve sacrificed a lot. It is really unfortunate that things aren’t more equal in this world. What I’ve learned is that as long as you give from your heart, you don’t have to give everything. And allow Jack to spoil you. Seems like he’s noticed the sacrifices you’ve made and this is his way of saying he appreciates you.

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