Days Out And Cream Teas

One thing I have missed during 2020 is visiting beautiful historic houses and landscaped gardens. They are always a treat for a day out, especially when they include a cream tea.

I was thinking of a joyful day I have in my memory bank. It was a day when Goldfinch and I were at a location that has been used in many a historic drama. The scene of romance and tension, passion and rejection. I loved that day!

Nature, Green, Trees, Woods, Forest

I have absolutely no complaints about my time with Jack – 2020 has allowed us so much time together (especially the last five months)! But a lit of that time has been indoors and our walks have been mostly around the same areas. It would be fun to go visiting beautiful sites with him. Well….we will have to wait and see what the coming weeks and months entail. Jack and I spend a substantial amount of our time working together for the charities we love – which by the way – are thriving.

We have been overwhelmed by the incredible spirit of volunteers who have been supporting each other in their assigned social support groups for the past nine months We are also amazed that donations are not dropping. We have seen so many beautiful letters from volunteers who say they would like to donate to specific funds which are used to render aid to people in economic distress.

Because of the way our finances are legally managed we are able to divert funds away from projects that are postponed and use that money to help people who need it most. Sending aid through France and Belgium is often the most effective way to make the most of those funds because of the taxation laws in those countries.

It is exciting to see these organisations working dynamically and efficiently. I know Jack would love to be out in those areas we know are most concerning currently. But we have a lot of people, a lot of volunteers in every land who are very knowledgeable of local needs. Jack has been taking on more and more work and now works as a director helping to make major decisions affecting all aspects of the charities we work for. He has been a very busy bee this year. He likes being busy. He likes having someone to share this with.

When we have the chance – I think the two of us deserve some time to wander around a pretty house and gardens and enjoy cream tea together. But it will have to wait – we have more important tasks at hand.