Getting Engaged During A Pandemic

I feel a little bit odd. I just made a huge decision, one of the biggest decisions of my life, and yet I don’t feel as if anything has changed. I feel a little bit lost.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I want to see my mum. I want to see Mum and Dad and the rest of my family. I want to see my closest friends. But I do not want to put anyone at risk obviously.

I have spoken to lots of my nearest and dearest on the phone these past few weeks. But I have not seen them. I have been going into work, taking off my ring and locking it safely away in my locker, before donning PPE. I like my workmates, but I share very little of my personal life with them.

That has become my habit since the trauma I faced years ago. I find that even when I share a little with someone who does not understand my life before the attack, they misunderstand, they say things that don’t fit my situation. So I put on a front to satisfy them.

I am going to get married to a well known celebrity. Bizarre in some ways, and yet 2020 has made it completely taken the fear out of my precarious situation.

Anyway….it is all fine. The center of my world is Jack. He is the one I am focusing on above all else. We’ve been talking about when and where our wedding will be but it seems impossible to plan right now. I spend as much time with him as I can outside of work. He has been wonderful, wonderful, in so many ways. I am happy. I would just like this to feel more real.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I feel as if seeing my loved ones would make it more real.

40 thoughts on “Getting Engaged During A Pandemic”

  1. I’m sure you’re right. It will feel more real when you can see family and friends in person. It will feel more real when you can have a party and celebrate. Our current way of life makes lots of things feel a little bit surreal. Wedding planning might help though. 😊


  2. I think the big decision is “do I want to spend the rest of my life with this person”. One that is made, everything else just follows. The one thing I remember is that it all felt so natural – none of it was a big deal. I guess if these things feel like big steps, we’re not ready to take them. Congratulations.


  3. I hope it is not long before you see your parents. It is a special time and one you will want to share with them.

    The reality will sink in a lot later. I remember it all feeling surreal until gradually I found myself realizing that I was waking up every morning next to Robert and I needed to get the coffee on. The engagement, the wedding, it’s all a dreamlike bubble that is lovely at times and can be stressful at times, but the reality of your life together is what it is all about.


    1. One of my colleague has very kindly agreed to work my Boxing Day shift which will mean I can see my family that weekend! I am so grateful to her. The UK is lifting social distancing restrictions between 23-27th December. I will see my parents and my sister with her family. Jack is going to be with his parents and his sister and her family. But we will be zooming to unite the two families ❤

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  4. You know, we are isolated, but at the same time, we have the precious gift of having more time for our immediate family, who is now Jack in your case (congrats again!) We are all together in this, shall overcome this pandemic, and see our extended families again! In the meantime, enjoy your peaceful happiness.

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    1. Thank you Ruth. One of my colleagues has agreed to work my Boxing Day shift which will allow me to spend that weekend with some of my family. I am very excited about that.

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  5. My son got engaged a little bit ago and we have been able to share it over the phone and she was able to visit her parents. You can look forward to a wonderful life together and you will be able to share it with family and friends very soon, keep a positive attitude. Congratulations.

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    1. Looking forward to seeing my parents and some of my family at the end of the month when restrictions are lifted. It will be great to see them.


  6. This is AMAZING! I am truly so happy for you! Congratulations! You have sure been through it and you are now coming though to the other side. 2020 has been hard on many people. In many ways being locked away with my husband…we have healed many of our past traumas. We had no choice being trapped together, no distractions to pull us away. Things have been more focused, less pressured on us. It’s made us have to face our pain, hurts and make things better for ourselves and each other. I’m glad for 2020 in that way! You will get the chance to celebrate with your friends and family. Either because the lock down ends or because you choose to just live your life, not on hold anymore…you’ll figure it. I’m so happy for you and wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

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