Mr Tickle And Little Miss Tickle

I am not normally prepared to share a lot about my relationship with Jack that is personal – just between he and I. But this month you will learn something about us. We tickle. We tickle a lot actually.

It feels great. If you have been reading posts about the epic saga that developed between Jack and I including silence. hostility and years of estrangement, followed by us making peace and starting out on a romantic relationship for the first time…you may imagine that the physical side of our relationship was perhaps awkward at first.

As I think back, I could cringe really. It started with hand-holding. There was a kiss, in Jack’s car. It took some time before anything happened beyond holding hands and kissing. But the night it did happen, it started with tickling.

Our tickling got out of hand….and led to one thing after another….and well, we have been tickling ever since. Now we are planning (and I use that word loosely because it is so hard to plan anything right now) to change the status of our tickling relationship permanently. So that we will be Mr and Mrs Tickle and be able to tickle each other happily ever after.

It has been an amazing year – really – I know there has been a pandemic etc – but to think that Jack and I have had a year where we could court without being in the public eye, without photographs of us appearing in the media. The timing has been remarkable for us. We have grown from strength to strength. It took just over a year for our lives to change. We went from estranged to engaged and were helped a lot by tickling.


18 thoughts on “Mr Tickle And Little Miss Tickle”

        1. So true.
          My mumma always said that the one thing worse than not having found the right person is being married to the someone who is completely wrong for us.
          I used to worry she was talking about my Dadda – but I don’t believe that now – they are just right for each other and yet I don’t think either of them could live with anyone else.
          But I remember her warning me that marriage had the potential for either a lot of happiness (+challenges) or a lot of misery and heartache (+challenges). She always said either way there will be challenges, but marrying in haste could mean misery.

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  1. Hi – I host 4thoughts_fiction meme that you have linked this post to. Well Jenna is guest hosting it this month – I am new to your site and loving having a look around. I live in mid wales πŸ˜‰ Some great posts on your blog – I will come back again for sure –
    it would be great if you add a link in this post to go back to the meme site – then people who find your post will know how to get to other posts about tickle. Please ask if you are un-sure – and welcome to 4thoughts
    May More πŸ˜‰


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