Caramel’s Cafe Is Taking Orders Now

If you are struggling with lockdown or social distancing restrictions, then come and hang out at CARAMEL’S CAFE right here on WordPress!! You are invited along every Wednesday for throughout November to come and hang out with other bloggers.

Coffee, Caramel Macchiato, Cappuccino

We are all getting used to rules chopping and changing from week to week, so there are not rules at CARAMEL’S CAFE. The more the merrier!

So please feel free to place a drink’s order in the comments below. Jack is going to make the drinks. I am here as your cheerful hostess with the mostess.

We have a tune for you, that’s right you. Have you had your moments this year when you felt isolated and alone, overwhelmed with stress and confusion? We are rooting for you! Please do not ever feel alone. Please reach out and cuddle up with us – other members of THE HUMAN FAMILY who want to help everyone get through these hard times. We are looking up at the same moon and stars as you and sharing your dreams ❀

39 thoughts on “Caramel’s Cafe Is Taking Orders Now”

                  1. Ha seems autocorrect fixed my spelling error.
                    In short I got a lovely message from one of my charges who did their GCSEs the year I left teaching, complimenting me on my stage presence


  1. I would like a large Chai Tea without Milk and a chocolate brownie. The Chai I have bought from Tescos appears to have been mixed by vaguely waving a bottle of Cardimun seeds in the general direction of the tea leaves


  2. I’ve never seen An American Tail… I don’t know why, I was about 10 when the movie was made and it was really popular. I just didn’t go to movies much when I was a kid.

    My area got put back on tighter restrictions this week. And I’m also having some issues that I’m not sure I can share…

    I’ll have the usual… hot chocolate with a lot of whipped cream. I saw this post last night just as I was going to bed, and I just remembered I never came back to it πŸ™‚

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    1. ❀ We saw it on TV one year. I remember it having some great songs – but I was super scared of the catts! ❀

      Hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream for you Greg πŸ™‚

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