The Cold And Grey

I started wearing wooly hats back in September because I had really bad headaches for about three weeks. I know a wooly hat is not going to remove the pain, but my head felt so raw, for some reason it brought me an element of comfort having a snug hat on.

It’s very grey these days. Grey skies…the sun has gone on vacation (apparently to Australia) and we are left with overcast skies. Well, to beat the grey, I am wearing grey this year. I decided that grey suits my caramel blonde locks.

I don’t want to take my hat off when I get to work! I wish they would let me wear it all day, but of course that would not do. I think I have spent a grand total of Β£15 on buying coffee from local coffee houses throughout 2020 (most of that was in January and February), but recently, I was so cold, at it was so wet and I was so tired, I walked into a coffee house and blew Β£3.45 on a White Choco Mocha. It was so good. It gave me the boost I needed to traipse up the hill on the way home from work.

11 thoughts on “The Cold And Grey”

  1. Ugh… I’ve written before that, around here, it feels like summer until early November, then all of a sudden it feels like someone flipped a switch and turned it into winter overnight. That happened on Friday… I don’t like cold gloomy weather, and I feel like I didn’t get to fully appreciate the summer this year because of everything being shut down.

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    1. I guess because I spent a lot of time at work this year, I have noticed the weather more when I have had any time off.
      We had a week away the week before last – and it rained and rained! But I had the best company – he makes the sun shine everywhere we go πŸ™‚

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  2. It has been uncommonly cold here in the Pacific Northwest of the US as well. Lots of wool caps, and hot tea, like I am consuming now as I type this response. Have a great week, Mel. πŸ™‚

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