When October Goes

Maple, Maple Leaves, Emerge

It’s the end of October already. I have never been as ready to hibernate for the rest of autumn and winter! I would miss all the new on hysteria surrounding the American election. I would miss dark cold wet months. I would be curled up in a little ball under my big winter duvet.

What will the rest of this year have in store? I dread to think! My fear is more shoplifting. More families going into debt because they feel obliged to spend money they don’t have. Retailers bemoaning their losses, declaring they have no choice but to close stores and make redundancies.

Whereas the real plight is of those who are losing hope, those who are overwhelmed with stress, those who are in anguish as they sense foreboding but do not know who has the solution to a diseased corrupt world political economical system.

But there are others who know what is happening and why. Still, I imagine even they have times when they would like to hibernate through what is ahead.

11 thoughts on “When October Goes”

  1. We are watching the news on the attack in Nice (not that you should be watching the news when you are on holiday) but Robert and I are very much asking – what is the world coming to? I do feel as if its the anger, the anxiety, the anguish within people that will drive developments in 2021 and perhaps beyond.

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