My Plan For Wednesday

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I made a blunder yesterday. Two posts scheduled to be published at the same time. I normally only schedule one post a day, and occasionally you get an extra post in the evening if I have the energy! Because of yesterday’s blogging blunder, I have nothing for you today – nada, zilch!

So…you are going to get an outline of my plans for today, whether you are interested or not. I am helping the landlords today. That means shopping for them, cooking and freezing meals. Gardening (just tidying up the garden and mowing the lawn) and whatever else they ask of me. I might be doing laundry or office work, it depends on what they need.

It makes a refreshing change from working from the NHS. My fridge is bare. I have some moscato grapes and a lot of salad, but no much else. I need to do some shopping of my own tomorrow.

Jack is at his place. He will come down after I finish work on Saturday and then we are going away for a few days – yayyyyyyyyy!!!! Tonight after I finish work, a friend of mine is coming down to mine and we will go for a walk, because here in London we are not supposed to mix indoors. So we will walk and we are planning to have a drink at a local pub – outside.

I have to say, pubs are weird places right now. Hardly anyone inside, lots of people huddled outside in the cold and dark. The pub we are going to head for had some huge outdoor heaters last time I was there. They are all prepared for this odd situation of us being out in the cold.

13 thoughts on “My Plan For Wednesday”

    1. Shopping for groceries seems to always be at the bottom of my list of things to do this year. I keep ending up with nothing in my fridge except nail varnish and goats butter!

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  1. We’re still allowed to mix inside where I am but I have noticed a number of places putting up marquees over their beer gardens.

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    1. I quite liked the beer gardens during August and September. Normally my friends throw summer garden parties (not this year) which I have missed a lot.


      1. I threw summer get togethers in the past, one of the advantages of having a garden and hot tub I guess


    1. They make the outdoors very comfortable. We found a couple of pubs we felt comfortable with as they were not too crowded outside. I would not dream of going to areas like Soho where the streets looked packed before lockdown.

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