No, No, No

Jim Adams, aka Newepicauthor, the creator of A Unique Title For Me, is hosting SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY and this week he has chosen the theme: NO/YES

I chose a song that I love, but find it a little hard to listen to. I don’t want to bore you with another personal drama…but basically, after my first boyfriend and I broke up, I heard this song a lot. I remember being over in Houston, Texas and for some reason this song seemed to be on the radio a lot. My American friends and I were singing along to it. In some ways it was good for me to be dancing and singing and laughing with friends…

…but inside my heart was breaking.

Fast forward around four years later. I moved to London. There were a lot of young people and although we were working hard, we also made time for lots of socialising. I remember going to a party in an apartment a few minutes from where I lived. The guy who hosted it loved reggae and the music that night was fun to dance to. Anyway….at one point I turned, and…can you imagine how I felt to see my first boyfriend there?

Caucasian, Model, Fashion, Female, Woman, Young Woman

Right on cue, Dawn Penn’s amazing track “No, No, No” started up. To be honest – it was absolute agony! I wanted to bolt. But I tried to dance. He danced with me. We did not speak while we were dancing. As soon as the song finished, I moved in the direction of the kitchen to fetch a drink. I was going to tell the guy who was hosting the party that I had to leave…when he came in (my ex boyfriend). We had a chat. It was enough to make me stay.

I soon realized he was living about ten minutes from me. Very mixed feelings about that. But I will say this, he was a big support to me and proved himself a true friend.

So….to relive the agony….let’s give Dawn penn’s sensational track another spin:

No no no
You don’t love me
Yes I know now

Coz you left me
And I got no place to go now

No no no
I’ll do anything you say boy

No no no
I’ll do anything you say boy

Coz if you asked me
I’ll get on my knees and pray boy

Written Bu: Dawn Penn, Bo Diddley and Willie Cobbs

13 thoughts on “No, No, No”

    1. He was good to me Willow. It meant a lot that he was so supportive. It was strange having to be cold with each other after all that went before. But we had to do that. I knew he was always putting in a good word for me and supporting me.


    1. Thanks Christine – it’s one of the songs that would have to feature on the soundtrack of my life – the break up with my first boyfriend. A time I still find hard to think about, nevermind write about.

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