Metaphysically And Hypothetically Blogging

Sometimes there are questions that are hard to answer. Sometimes there are questions that are hard to understand to begin with, making it even harder to answer them. So brownie points to me for trying!

Melanie the creator of sparksfromacombustiblemind, has asked us some pretty tough questions this week! Here is her original SHARE-YOUR-WORLD psts:

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Are we “here” or do we just think we are? Can you prove your point of view?

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I have a passion for physics, but metaphysics is a bewilderingly blurry field for me. Yes, we exist. Is that what the question means? Yes we exist, and we exist because someone chose to share life, and to create intelligent creatures with similar capacities as He has.

He wielded energy to form matter. We are made of matter. Our Creator is unlikely to be made of matter, because to have the power to be able to harness vast amounts of energy into such incredibly ordered material entities is astonishing.

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I still am not sure what the question was asking. But yes we are there, we can think whatever we want. But we are here. This is not The Matrix and this is not The Truman Show. We are here. This is real. We are still in very early days of human history. There is a lot to look forward to!

This particular part of our reality sucks – but don’t worry, this was predicted. Human rulership is soon going to end forever and then things will get a lot better!!!

From an identity standpoint, which would be the worst for you personally to lose? Your face, your body or your voice? Which do YOU identify with most strongly for your own sense of self?

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I think I read this question a bit too literally to begin with. I was trying to imagine how you could be alive if you lost your body. Is this on more of a hypothetical level? Is the question more, if I woke up tomorrow and found myself in someone else’s body, or looked in the mirror and saw someone’ else’s face, would I feel like “ME”?

My sense of ME is much more than my face or body. I am sure this past year, life and work have been so hectic, I get little time to look in the mirror. Me is made up of my thoughts, emotions, reasonings, experiences, memories, dreams, values and so on. When you look at my body, or my face, or even hear my voice that is just the tip of the iceberg of who I am.

Which do I identify with most strongly for my sense of sense. Perhaps my voice. People comment on my voice all the time. I used to do commercial voice recordings. I speak a lot everyday to patients and colleagues. I know my voice is soft, calming, kindly. If my voice altered significantly it would be interesting to see how people reacted to me.

Do you have a ‘song’?  If you’re part of a couple, you could use “your couple’s song” OR a song that’s just always resonated with you.

My song is…

Our song is…

I am not going to bother answering the other question. I am tired, so I don’t have the energy to be diplomatic about deceitful, manipulating wicked spirit creatures who perpetuate lies, mislead mankind, and play games to frighten people. They will die permanently and they know that. Soon the demons, the spirit creatures who oppose truth and want to see humans suffer the same judgement they have (non-existence) will be gone forever.

As for humans who have died. They are not conscious of anything right now. But they are safe. They are safe in the perfect memory of our Creator who is longing to wake them up. But first he has to get rid of wickedness and make sure the earth is clean.

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GRATITUDE SECTION (as always strictly optional)

Please free free to share a moment of gratitude you experienced over the past week.

Jack and I have deep conversations that nourish my inner heart. He has a beautiful way of looking at people and the world. He is the such a great person to spend time with.

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I am grateful of course for his love. It’s wonderful to have someone to feel you belong with. However, what I appreciate most is who is inside. Jack has a beautiful mind, and a wonderful heart. I could not ask for a better man.

Jack is going to take me away soon. I have a week off work soon. Excited!