Horror In The Supermarket

Crisis, Toilet Paper, Corona

Have I become unduly complacent? After all these months of social distancing and lockdown restrictions, how was I caught out? I went down to the supermarket on Sunday only to find the toilet roll aisle empty again! The strange HORROR of 2020 continues!


This was my response to the HORROR 42-word writing prompt hosted by Deb Whittam, the creator ofย Twenty Four:


16 thoughts on “Horror In The Supermarket”

  1. I see things are getting somewhat better over here, but I am still on high alert (i.e. I don’t wait until a crisis to shop for things I will need. However, I also don’t overstock.).

    At this point, I wonder if it’s a way for the manufacturers to gauge prices. “Look, the shelves are empty. It’s hard to keep up with demand, so we are doing x, y, z FOR YOU but that means we have to raise prices.”

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