Oh Nadiya!


Right at this very moment….I am watching one of my favourite shows on television at the moment: NADIYA BAKES.

This week it is chocolate week! She is knocking it out of the part with her brownie – her salted caramel cheesecake chocolate brownie.

Please excuse me, I need to find a napkin to wipe the drool away from my chin! Oh Nadiya, you can bake for me any day!

Just A Storm In A Tea-Cup

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I realize that sometimes bloggers may not realize just why I am so deeply grateful to have Jack in my life. I used to write about the estrangement with him when I first started out blogging, but a year ago the situation was reversed.

Jack and I had a talk recently about some of the posts (THE STORM IN A TEACUP Series) I published about him and I, before we ever made peace. He has read them all in the past.

I asked him if it was time to remove them. He did not see why I should do that. I told him that because I was a new blogger when I wrote them, they don’t look great. They need editing to remove the typos. He said that would be a good idea. Then I asked Jack if he would read my edited versions to see if there was anything he would prefer me to remove. So he did.

Then, after a flurry of questions about Jack and myself, I asked Jack how he felt about the possibility of re-publishing them. That may explain why I sometimes refer to a past drama between Jack and I. He wanted time to think about it. We shelved the idea for a while. But then Jack came back to me and said something that surprised me…why don’t we write a novel together with our story?

I will admit the thought has gone through my mind. But it would be very emotional. I could not do it on my own Jack has suggested we do it together. I was taken aback. It’s a project that we are going to work on little by little. We have only just started.

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But in the meantime, Jack agreed that although we both have so many regrets about the past, our dramatic history is always a reminder to us of how special what we have is. It’s a miracle! So….we are going to re-publish the entire STORM IN A TEA-CUP series! These flashback posts will appear each Friday…just one a week. Some of the longer ones, I may break up into two posts.

The first will be published on the first Friday in October. We think they will last until the end of 2020. Please remember that what you are reading has a very happy ending, and also remember that there are situations that seem hopeless, but sometimes, completely out of the blue, something wonderful happens!