The Scene Of The World Is Changing

I keep hearing lots of silly things said.

Creux Du Van, Panorama, Colored Rock

There is a much bigger picture. A much bigger picture. Bigger than politics or the economy. Bigger than shares, pensions, inflation, the housing market or any trade agreements.

There are much bigger issues ahead. Three major entities have been under scrutiny and now the stage is lit up. The scene of this world is changing. The script has been sent out to billions of people in over 2,500 languages.

Nothing is guaranteed except…those who love right and are peaceable….and the beautiful earth. The righteous / meek / mild-tempered ones will inherit the earth. No one will make them tremble. You will dwell in security. The human family have a mandate – to make this entire earth a paradise, to take care of earth’s creatures so that they thrive.

If you love good, if you love peace, do not get involved with any propaganda. Do not get involved with any violence. Do not be misled.