Shaken Up Under Pressure

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Have you ever had to work in retail? I always knew that one of the biggest challenges for retailers is shoplifting.

I know of a recent incident where teenage girls were shoplifting herbal supplements (health conscious shoplifters?) and when a member of staff from a distance made it clear they were observing and offered the girls a shopping basket the result was appalling behavior. Swearing, spitting, the teenagers accusing the member of staff being racist (even though the member of staff was black), and then to leave things on a sweet note, one of the teenagers decided it was time to throw the fizzy drink she had been sipping all over the two member of staff who were now present.

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Charming young ladies, I am sure they must be the pride and joy of their families!

I was watching the BBC Breakfast News this morning while listening to the sound of the pouring rain outside. I saw something shocking. They had a report on retailers facing an increase in abusive behaviour from shoppers, particularly since the start of the…you know. The report was not focused on shoplifting at all, it was more to do with incidents of aggression that retailers seen a significant increase in this year.

They played a video, and I must warn you, it is quite disturbing to watch. Well, it shook me up.

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Apparently the store assistants had reminded the customer of social distancing requirements. I imagine that like every other shop they would have had visual aids displayed to bring this to the attention of shoppers. (Most people have been careful and considerate about social distancing requirements, but others have been casual or just careless about the clear instructions we have been asked to follow.)

Frustration, prolonged stress and anxiety – a lot of people have been shaken up by the events of 2020. I think some people are like a bottle of fizzy pop…ready to explode. I think we are going to see more explosive behaviour over future weeks and months.

14 thoughts on “Shaken Up Under Pressure

  1. I’ve seen quite a few videos of people flipping out in stores in the US. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to feel so entitled as to think that it’s okay to behave like that.

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    1. I was talking about it with Jack and I made a comment he did not understand. If I was absolutely pushed to the edge of my stress levels, I would implode rather than explode. I was going to go into a destructive mode, I do not believe I have it in me to do that to other people or in front of other people. But at home on my own, I would do something bizarre like cut up all my socks, or throw out all my cosmetics. I can’t understand attacking other people or other people’s property. I can understand what it’s like to burn your own coursework or cut your own hair off.

      I know neither is healthy, but it fascinates me how some of us when pushed to the edge become so overwhelmed we implode and become self-destructive, whereas others explode and lash at anyone in their firing line.

      Is this making any sense Ashley? Or am I just waffling? I just arrived home from work and my head is splitting again.

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      1. That definitely makes sense. I think my natural reaction would be avoidance – leave the situation and never go back again. Failing that, I’d likely implode like you described.


        1. I was saying to my boss yesterday….I personally have not been stressed out about the virus (especially when there are lots of sensible practical measures that provide some protection), I have not been stressed about the change of routine (I have missed my normal level of socialising but I have tried to be pragmatic and make the most of the freedom it has given Jack and me), and I have not yet been stressed out about money because my entire family are pooling wages to make sure everyone is fine. I am earning an excess at the moment so I am fine and I know all my relatives are fine too.

          But what does stress me out is worrying about other people. Some of my friends have been deeply anxious, and I have been trying to keep them balanced (some of them are worrying about things that have not happened yet). But I think I am also just generally worried. I cannot bear the thought of people suffering anguish. It really makes my heart ache for them. That’s were I am noticing I am getting stressed, worrying about members of the human family I don’t even know why might be in the process of an overwhelming crisis.

          Even thinking about it I am feeling pain.

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    1. My friends and I have started to ascribe some things to a tad of 2020 madness. I think we are seeing the cumulative effect of stress showing and some extreme behaviours as a result.

      I have huge empathy for anyone pushed to the limit by stress, but that kind of behaviour is really alarming.

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    1. I think that is stress. I try to think to myself that perhaps people are exhausted by unusual demands placed on them this year – financial, perhaps they have had lots of children at home when normally they are school, maybe they have had relatives who have been sick or even passed away.

      I am sure there are lots of factors that build up to an explosion like that – but still, it is scary.

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    1. I was on my home from work this evening and nipped into the little supermarket near home. A guy knocked over a stack of fruit as he was trying to run out the door with a large bag of food. Two members of staff managed to seize the bag and they managed to get their stock back. But it was weird to see.

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