Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

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I always look forward to seeing the SHARE-YOUR-WORLD questions chosen by Melanie, the creator of sparksfromacombustiblemind. This is her post this week:



If everyone spoke their mind, would this world be a better or worse place?  Why?

I think a lot of people are speaking their mind. I think people are speaking their mind more than ever before in history.

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I also notice that more people than ever are expressing their mind without any attempt at diplomacy or tact, without regard for the feelings of others. There are a lot of strong feelings that don’t seem to be balanced with understanding or accurate facts. There is a lot of bitterness and deep resentment. There is less respect for the authorities.

Is the world better off for it? I am going to observe that some may consider the use of freedom of speech has benefited the world in some ways. Some may point to the establishment of laws protecting human rights as a direct result of people having the courage to speak out, to speak up, to speak their mind.


I hope I am not saying too outrageous in suggesting that as more people speak their mind without restraint it may be contributing to a more divisive climate. Even though there are currently more human rights laws than ever before, upholding freedoms of choice, freedom of expression, freedom of faith and conscience, and freedoms in so many areas – do you feel safer? Do you sense the world is at peace? United? Secure?

I expect that there will come a point in the not too distant future when ruling authorities are so provoked by the lack of respect for their office we may see decisive acts on their part, perhaps they will see it as a threat to peace and security. How will they try to reassert their authority? Will it result in a better world? Will they try to unite people in the name of one cause? Or will it embolden authorities to feel justified in taking acts that may have seemed unimaginable before now?

At the end of the day every human will be faced with a choice. They will be asked to “speak their mind” in a sense, to decide who is best to guide and rule mankind.

Can achieving nothing make a person happy?

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It is hard to achieve absolutely nothing! But I don’t think you are referring to “absolutes”. I am aware that a sense of accomplishment is rewarding. It makes us feel better, contributing to our general feeling of well being or happiness.

I don’t rate this current political-economic world’s view of what constitutes “success” or “achievements”. Some of my own relatives have pursued high-flying careers and acclaim, wealth and a circle of friends they seem to think are as successful as they are. Are they happier? Are they balanced? Are they better off morally, emotionally, spiritually for it? Nope. I will preserve their privacy by omitting the details, but divorce, scandal, prosecution have followed in the footsteps of the goals that some of them were seeking. “Success” as judged by a corrupt system is not an achievement in my eyes.

What was the assignment given to mankind? I think that working towards a clean beautiful earth and caring for the rest of the creatures on this planet will be the biggest achievement the human family should be aiming for. While we are not working towards that goal, how can we be truly happy?

One a personal level, I know I am happiest when I am filling my life with a balance of satisfying work, investing time and effort in the relationships I have with loved family and friends, enjoying being outdoors in creation which energises and inspires me, making time to read and learn and think and evaluate, cultivating appreciation for all the wonderful in my life, thinking about how I could give more to others, and resting, just resting to let my body and my mind recuperate.

Lots of little measures add up and help me to feel I am thriving on loving others and feeling loved by others.

How do you know if you love someone enough to marry them?

I have received two marriage proposals in my life. On both occasions I knew I did not want to get married to either of them.

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One of the guys, I was not even dating! It was completely out of the blue (for me especially), and spur of the moment. He was grateful for the friendship we had and credited me with finding strength to make some remarkable changes in his life. I remember he was looking at me with a lot of love in his eyes. But that did not mean we were right for each other. He is happily married to a lovely lass.

The other guy I had been dating for a short time, but we had known each other for many years (just as friends). But I already knew it was not going to work. When he asked me to marry him, I had to say no. He was deeply hurt. He moved away, first to a neighbouring town, then to another country.

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I would have married Goldfinch if he had asked me. Purely out of my adoration for him. I know it would have been wrong. We are not on the same page in some respects that would have caused issues. In some ways, it may have been best that he has no wish to remarry. (He has been married before.)

As for Jack, we have talked about marriage. In a sense he has proposed it to me already, but the first time he brought up the subject was last December before we told our parents we were together. I think he did that to assure me that I should not have any doubts about the reaction we were going to receive from anyone else, after over four years of estrangement between us.

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We both have a high regard for marriage and we view it as something that would express our commitment to each other. We want to be clean in our Creator’s eyes. We want our relationship to be permanent, to be for the rest of our lives. The love is definitely there. We are united in so many of out views and our purpose in life We are a fantastic team.

It is more of a question of WHEN? That may sound odd. It is hard for me to think about it too much because it hurts, but I think we both realize that once he and I marry, Jack will no longer be an international volunteer. If I qualified to be an international volunteer then we could go on projects abroad together. But my head injuries are still causing me problems. They won’t send me abroad. They won’t split up married couples for months at a time.

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Once Jack and I marry, he will have to say goodbye to projects in the lands he loves. He loves Africa especially. I want Jack to make the most of his chance to work abroad now. He is coming to an age where they might not want to send him abroad because living conditions can be tough. Until then, I want him to live the life he loves. I wish I was allowed to go with him, but they don’t want to endanger me.

When Jack and I marry, there is still plenty to do in this country, but I love him. I love the charities we work with. I am so proud that Jack can go and make a difference in areas that are desperate for help. I try not to think of myself and my own security. Jack does not see things quite as I do. He wants to get married yesterday, even though I will tear him away from what he loves. This is a very emotional subject for me. But all you need to know is that I love Jack and he loves me and we both love working for charities that make a wonderful difference to people.


Please feel free to write about or share an image of something you’re grateful for!

I am grateful for Indian Summers! We have had some beautiful September sunshine and Jack and I have been outdoors a lot, mostly working, but also sneaking in some time to ourselves.

This year is not what we were expecting (understatement of the century) but because spending time together, just the two of us, is legal and safe and sensible…we are taking advantage of the social distancing restrictions by enjoying time on our own, more than we would have done.

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