The Last Straw!

Cyranny is now hosting one challenging challenge. In just one minute, write a story based on the picture prompt she provided below! I have a little story in my head, but how much of it I can get down in a minute, I have no idea!

Let’s set the timer for one minute….READY…STEADY…GO!!!


This year has been the most stressful ever!!!! I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to sit down in the middle of the road and shout “HEY WORLD, I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE! GET OVER IT!!!!”

Well…today, that is exactly what I did! Enough is enough!

I had been queuing for half wearing my face mask waiting to be served in McDonalds. The server handed me my strawberry milkshake and I went to the condiments station to pick up a straw. As it transpired…the kid in front of me had just taken the very last straw!



This was my response to the “ONE MINUTE FICTION” challenge:

I thought about a story for an hour, tyed like the clappers for one minute, then spent the next five minutes correcting my typos!

11 thoughts on “The Last Straw!”

    1. Thanks Sadje! You should have seen me trying to type! My poor laptop probably wondered what on earth was going on. But my typing was such a mess!!! I had to tidy it up afterwards!

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    1. Thank you Michael. I will admit sometimes I have wanted to sit down in the middle of the pavement and say “I’m fed up!” I have not done it yet…but I have been close!

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