Little Changes Add Up

I learnt something nifty from another blogger and I am going to try it out myself in this post.

I have decided that I want to make a few little changes simply so that I can feel a little more in control of my life. That might sound like a strange goal. But 2020 has just been …yeah. I am sure I am not the only one who feels as if they have lost control…finds it hard to plan…has felt a bit discombobulated by the changes in routine and loss of what traditionally we used to provide structure to our week…to our lives.

I have been busy with work for most of the time, but I have felt myself losing grips of the things I love doing. I have had flurries…walks, outside picnics…recently seeing my family in the north. But I have been more tired because of the crazy work hours. When I have been tired, I have decided I needed to rest more. I gave in to comfort eating. I was not out in the fresh air as often. I ended up watching travel shows (Pole To Pole, The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury, Simon Reeves travel shows)

Last week I started pulling out some of my winter clothes. Uh! They all felt tight. 😦 That’s not good. So…I am going to be a bit strict with myself. Some of that will be watching the calories, but most of it will be making sure I am going for more walks, more frequently. Jack should tell me when I am putting weight on. He should not leave it for my wardrobe to tell me that!

The IMAGE COMPARE block below shows you the plan. Can you see the little white circle with a < > on the right side of the picture. Drag it over to the left to see what I am aiming for!

At last I found one thing I like about this new block editor….before and after technology. I could have a lot of fun with this block!

18 thoughts on “Little Changes Add Up”

  1. But he is the *last* person you should rely on because he will think you look gorgeous, however you look. Trust me, when my wife asks me, there is a standard answer… My wife, btw, has lost about 20kg during lockdown. She has followed a diet (I don’t know which one, but I can find out if you’d like to know).

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    1. I am not great with diets, simply because I am already vegetarian with a dairy intolerance. I eat salad and fruit and not much else. I think that I have put some weight on because I have not been as active as normal. Even though I have been on my feet all day at work, normally I am on the move all day, and often out in the fresh air. I can see the difference it has made.

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  2. Oo that’s clever effect on the photo, I like it! I am slowly getting to grips with the new block editor, it scared me at first and I just shut it down! Anyway, I can totally relate to what you say here, I feel the same. I am working from home which is nice in some respects but it means I am not getting my usual walking commute. Work is really busy too and I just think the whole situation is quite stressful. We all need to be practising a little self-care I think, to help us get through this! Good luck with your plan!

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    1. I am not easily put off. But I will admit this new block editor is seriously slowing me down!
      I think my biggest disappointment is that although the blocks work on your website, they do not work in WP Reader. My posts and a lot of other bloggers posts look weird in the WP Reader. But most of us do 90%+ of our reading in the Reader.

      I really want to be strict and make time for what helps me feel good. I think this year has been so crazy that at one point I told myself just to take one day at a time and think about getting to work each day, eating sleeping and surviving. But now I want to move things back to a more balanced satisfying lifestyle.

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      1. Really?? Oh dear, I didn’t know that! I can’t say I’ve noticed anything too weird in the reader but maybe that’s because people are fixing it beforehand. Thanks for highlighting it though, I will be mindful of it in future posts! That is an epic fail on behalf of wordpress though, what a shame!

        I know what you mean, it did feel all about just taking it all a day at a time didn’t it. I must admit I still feel like that to some degree. I’m sure you’ll get the balance right if you are so determined! It is important at the moment to do what makes you feel better.


  3. I’m so happy cooler weather is upon us but like you said those clothes are not fitting to well. I haven’t been over eating but the type of food isn’t too great and I’m drinking so much coffee it’s insane! I’m sure the cream is a killer! I’ve been working out 4 to 5 days a week and working with a nutritionist but I’m not losing any weight at all if anything! I’m just more tired! So frustrating!

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    1. I think I am drinking more coffee too. I did so much overtime for so long, it started to feel like a never ending treadmill.
      With autumn ahead, I want to do more walking. I love being outdoors…it’s good for my spirits and it is really good for my behind 🙂


      1. LOL! I’m with you! Fall weather makes the outdoors better than ever. I have been really good about taking 2 or 3 long walks every day. When the weather was so hot, I had to force myself to get outside once a day. I still love the beautiful sunshine but 90’s and higher temps…even 80’s aren’t my thing.


    1. lol – that’s something I have never aspired to. Maybe in 2021. I might start it in January – a wake up and start the day with press-ups, stomach crunches, lunges and the like! Then I will pick a dance video and encourage everyone to dance like crazy and shake every inch of their body. Then we will all go for a half and hour speed walk before coming back and having a group chat!!!

      Caramel’s Bonkers Boot Camp???

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