The Last Straw!

Cyranny is now hosting one challenging challenge. In just one minute, write a story based on the picture prompt she provided below! I have a little story in my head, but how much of it I can get down in a minute, I have no idea!

Let’s set the timer for one minute….READY…STEADY…GO!!!


This year has been the most stressful ever!!!! I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to sit down in the middle of the road and shout “HEY WORLD, I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE! GET OVER IT!!!!”

Well…today, that is exactly what I did! Enough is enough!

I had been queuing for half wearing my face mask waiting to be served in McDonalds. The server handed me my strawberry milkshake and I went to the condiments station to pick up a straw. As it transpired…the kid in front of me had just taken the very last straw!



This was my response to the “ONE MINUTE FICTION” challenge:

I thought about a story for an hour, tyed like the clappers for one minute, then spent the next five minutes correcting my typos!

Little Changes Add Up

I learnt something nifty from another blogger and I am going to try it out myself in this post.

I have decided that I want to make a few little changes simply so that I can feel a little more in control of my life. That might sound like a strange goal. But 2020 has just been …yeah. I am sure I am not the only one who feels as if they have lost control…finds it hard to plan…has felt a bit discombobulated by the changes in routine and loss of what traditionally we used to provide structure to our week…to our lives.

I have been busy with work for most of the time, but I have felt myself losing grips of the things I love doing. I have had flurries…walks, outside picnics…recently seeing my family in the north. But I have been more tired because of the crazy work hours. When I have been tired, I have decided I needed to rest more. I gave in to comfort eating. I was not out in the fresh air as often. I ended up watching travel shows (Pole To Pole, The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury, Simon Reeves travel shows)

Last week I started pulling out some of my winter clothes. Uh! They all felt tight. 😦 That’s not good. So…I am going to be a bit strict with myself. Some of that will be watching the calories, but most of it will be making sure I am going for more walks, more frequently. Jack should tell me when I am putting weight on. He should not leave it for my wardrobe to tell me that!

The IMAGE COMPARE block below shows you the plan. Can you see the little white circle with a < > on the right side of the picture. Drag it over to the left to see what I am aiming for!

At last I found one thing I like about this new block editor….before and after technology. I could have a lot of fun with this block!