Conquering The Block Editor

I am trying to get to grips with this block edit that has suddenly appeared on my computer. I have tried to start with shorter posts as the longer posts take me so long.

This is my SHARE-YOUR WORLD post for this week…which took me a lot longer than it normally does! Perhaps I was being too ambitious. We are all in this together! If they change the software…we will find ways to conquer!!!

Human, Human Chain, Earth, Globe, Europe

I am sure you know that the questions for SHARE-YOUR-WORLD are provided by Melanie, the creator of sparksfromacombustiblemind. You can find her original post below:


Do our fears start with our DNA? 

Fear, Woman, Stop

I don’t know for certain, so I don’t want to be dogmatic about this. I have not read anything about DNA research on emotions like fear.

But even if there was a tendency to be fearful, or for what exactly incites fear within us embedded in our DNA, I still am minded to think that the more significant factor in our inclination to be fear would be an environmental cause. 

If you could have your hair any colour for 24 hours, what colour would you choose?   

I think blue.

I saw this question recently…was it one of Sandmajazz questions? I think overall I would say electric blue. But unlike the girl in this picture, I would smile.

I will not be dying my hair blue though. I have never dyed my hair in my life. If I was going to start dying it I am sure it would not be blue.

As a teenager, I thing I wanted hot pink hair and to be the bass guitarist in a rock band.

When do you think a person gets old? 

Dancing, Leisure, Together, Wife, Home

That’s an interesting question.

The volunteers I have worked with never seemed to get old. We had volunteers in their nineties who were determined to keep working full time. They were usually the first to arrive in the dining room (breakfast was served at 7am) and they had a habit of greeting as many people as possible as they came through the door and having a chat with anyone they were out of touch with.

I think some people think in terms of slowing down, winding down…whereas others don’t see any need to slow down. Often the body dictates and there comes a point where even the most mighty of men have had to acknowledge their limitations in some areas. But retaining a sense of purpose and recognising how much you have to contribute is a good way to help you stay active.

This gives me a chance to tag a song that I have wanted to share with you for ages. It starts “…We are young, we are free….” Some of you will know it well!


Please feel free to write about an uplifting moment in your life this week!

I have had a nice week. I have been busy. But it’s all good busy. I am seeing more people that I know. That’s so good. It’s so good to see people I have not seen all year.

Adult, Couple, Holding Hands, Fashion

People are seeing me and Jack together. Social distancing gave us a bubble of privacy we did not have to fight for. But now we are working together on projects, walking around both North London (near to Jack’s home) and all around the area I live holding hands, without any anxiety of what anyone thinks. Face-masks are great. People are less likely to recognise Jack. We can go into shops together and nobody notices Jack floating around. I have to admit I like it.

The temperature is pleasant. I have had some nice walks and enjoyed the breeze. I would like to make sure that I have a daily walk throughout the autumn and winter. It is good for my spirits.

Salad, Legs, Eat, Food, Meal, Green

I have been eating huge amounts of salad and not much else recently. Even though that is simply due to my body craving spring onions and lettuce I feel good for having a sort of “detox”. Every two or three days I make myself up a large green salad – lettuce, rocket, parsley, cucumber, celery and spring onions. I love it.

I found a new show to watch. I struggle with television. So it is nice to find a show I can enjoy. Beautiful scenery and so far the first episodes I have watch have been great.

Tuesdays 9pm Channel 5…”All Creatures Great And Small“.

26 thoughts on “Conquering The Block Editor

  1. Now I’m curious. Who is this Jack? Is he famous? Someone I’d know? I can’t come up with any famous Jacks though…. except Jack Nicholson and I really doubt it’s him 🙂


  2. I’m finding that limiting the number of bloicks I use to write posts is the key for me. All the text I write goes in a Markdown block, which allows me to create lists, italicize and boldface, and create links with the keyboard rather than having to pick them off a menu. Embeds are all done with a custom HTML block in which I define the size of the area with a div tag in HTML, then do all my embedding with the [embed] formatted command. I do use image blocks, because they seem to work better than the delivered embeds for videos, Instagrams, tweets, and Facebook posts. The only thing that’s a pain in the backside is formatting tables, because I have to write them all out using HTML, but it’s really not bad compared to trying to get the table block to give me good results.

    Mary and I are looking forward to the new “All Creatures Great And Small.” We’ve read all the books and saw the original series with Christopher Timothy, Robert Hardy, and Peter Davison, and the new one seems just as good. At least I hope so…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. John, you sound as if you know what you are doing!

      I need to keep working at it. Hopefully I can use the blocks to do some nifty things with my posts. At the moment I am finding simple things seem difficult.


    1. lol – it is a long story!!! I started this blog almost two and a half years ago. Back then Jack and I were estranged.

      We met years ago, and although there seems to have been an initial spark between us, we both were in the spotlight before we even knew each other. The interest from others started with teasing and rumours that we were already a couple (which we were not). People (including our friends, colleagues, and Jack’s fans) got carried away with the teasing, over the course of a year and the rumours became ridiculous.

      Then Jack moved into the apartment I lived in. It was a huge apartment, six of us lived there. Can you imagine how much that fed the rumours? But Jack and I became more and more tense with each other.

      I became the centre of a storm of trolling, bullying, nastiness. His fans in particular seemed to hate me. I decided I would move out of the apartment.

      But the that did not quench the rumours. I became even more hated by his fans. Rumours advanced. But it was the gossip amongst people I knew that was most painful. People changed their behaviour towards me because they seemed to believe there was truth in what they were hearing.

      It came to a climax when I was feeling so overwhelmed by the situation and was in despair (it had been going on for several years)…I went to a park one evening to cry. That night I was the victim of a serious crime. The following morning a security guard found me and called an ambulance. I was in hospital for a week and decided I could not face going back the situation I was in that had been making me miserable, nor did I want them to know what had happened to me. So I fled! I escaped London and went to stay with family in Wales and the north of England. The directors of the charities I worked with told people I had left due to a family emergency.

      Well…four years after that Jack made contact. We made peace and we started spending time together in secret. Now we are living our happily ever after.

      I used to write lots about the drama of the past. Now it is more occasional. But if Jack agrees I might republish some of the posts that explain the situation we were in back then.

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      1. Oh wow. That sounds like a story from a movie. I’m still wondering why ppl didn’t like Jack or they didn’t like you…. are you famous? Is he famous? You mentioned that you and Jack are in the spotlight all the time.

        I wish ppl could fully express themselves through blogging. I know so many bloggers who hide their faces and won’t share their names. I wish everyone could just be themselves. I wish we could all just live peaceful lives without having to worry what anyone else thinks of us. 😔

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I do wish the whole human family could live in peace. I think most people yearn for exactly that. Yet there are some who seem to enjoy cruelty.

          Our story is such a long one! It took me ages to write some of it down. I think I called it THE STORM IN TEA-CUP SERIES. This was the first part…but I wrote a lot about it.

          I have been terribly burnt by social media and I prefer to hide. I can’t go through anything like that again. Jack’s career started with stage and TV. But some years ago he changed to focus of his life so that he could concentrate on working with charities.

          But at the end of the day he’s a normal bloke. He finds social media a very useful tool for being a positive influence.

          The rumours about the two of us actually started with those who knew us, our friends. I cannot make sense of how they got onto Facebook and Instagram etc, but it once it did, it spread like wildfire. I don’t like to think back to that time…but it was intensely stressful and it started to impact every part of my life.

          But the “even better than a Disney Princess ending” came last year when we made peace.

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          1. Honestly, I suggest quitting social media. The “f” with what other people think. Their opinions do not matter in the grand scheme of things. What matters is YOUR happiness. I think that social media can be quite toxic. I took a hiatus from FB in 2017 and haven’t returned yet. I am currently on a hiatus from IG and honestly don’t miss it. Social media definitely has its pros and cons. I find that it’s nearly impossible to filter out the bad stuff though, which is why I left. I did not delete my accounts in case I return one day, but I have no plans to return any time soon.

            As for your friends… I am sorry. They do not sound like good friends if they continue to judge you, and how they have hurt you. I let go of 2 of my closest friends due to drama and haven’t looked back. Your mental health and wellbeing is delicate and is top priority. And if anyone tries to jeopardize that, then they aren’t worth keeping in your life. People don’t like it when I say that but it’s the truth… Let go of the drama and there you shall find peace. 🙏💕


            1. I think that what started out as a joke snowballed. Each person who made a comment directly to me, to someone else, or on social media…was adding to a beast that kept growing. The scale of the interest in my life, the extreme comments. I do not think that anyone set out to destroy me….but the joke got out of hand.

              I have never been on Facebook or Twitter. i used to use Whatsapp. But I have not had a smartphone for five years.

              I try to put it all behind me and focus on the miraculous outcome. But so many people still have no idea what happened to me. I fear that they believe the rumours that I was having an affair with a married man. That was what I was dealing with around the time I was attacked. When I vanished from London, I think some people thought there was truth in those rumours and it seems that despite me being gone, the rumours continued.

              I even met someone three years after I was attacked that asked me about the man (he was in the same fitness group I attended and I worked with his wife).

              SIgh. When I think about it…I just want to cuddle up to Jack and pretend it never happened. I am glad that he is helping me get my life back.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Too bad you don’t have WhatsApp. I use WhatsApp all the time. It works well for me and a good place to talk.

                Jokes aren’t cool when they get out of hand and it’s a shame that your friends didn’t get the hint, especially since it was bothering you. For them to not respect your boundaries is not okay.

                “The only way to face your fear is to go through it.” It’s a quote from somewhere but it resonates on many levels. We cannot control what other ppl think of us, and we shouldn’t have to live in fear. Many ppl think I dropped out of school because I disappeared suddenly. I let them think what they want. Truth is I’m in final semester but had to wait a year to continue with my studies. Its embarrassing to say that I failed a semester but I’m not afraid to tell ppl if they ask… I’m pretty open about it. I even told my preceptor what happened and how I’m facing all of this pressure now to pass. It’s shaped who I am. As for the naysayers, their opinion of me does not matter. I don’t try to control the things I can’t control anymore. They haven’t the slightest clue that I had a 4.0 GPA last semester.


          1. No worries! I am pretty busy these days and don’t have a lot of free time to spend time on WP but I will try to check out your link when I have time. 😊


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