No More Harm

Today, many will remember an event that shocked them. It was one of the most shocking events of our lifetime. But it was not an isolated event. The record of human rulership is there for all to see.

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I was talking with a workmate recently who practices Islam. Some of my colleagues who practice Islam were talking about the question of why our Creator allows suffering. It was interesting to hear their various views. They asked me my view. We had a very interesting discussion.

One of the aspects of our discussion was the challenge to our Creator’s rulership over mankind. The issue raised was not over his immense power, but whether it was really to the benefit of humans, and other intelligent creatures for someone else to make the rules. In response to a challenge, in essence a rebellion, our Creator allowed humans to rule themselves.

None of my colleagues thought that our Creator causes suffering. They know that our Creator is good. They did not feel it was possible that a loving Creator could map out every act of violence and suffering. That did not make sense to them. Of course they were right. So if He does not cause it, why does He allow it? was their question. Is life one big test to assess your worth as a creature? Are you being scrutinised for a life of eternal torment or a life of internal bliss?

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I mentioned my Australian friend who gives me fascinating things to think about. One was about why the accusation has been allowed at all. She said to imagine a father of several young children. A neighbour accuses that father of being a terrible parent. How would that accusation be answered? If the father is confident that he is providing loving care and guidance for his children, he would likely cooperate with any protection services who wanted to visit the home, talk to his children and observe family life. He is happy to be examined. If this father knows that the truth will shine out, he may be willing to be put on trial in a court.

But what if the father had a gun? If he went outside and shot the neighbour accusing him, would that answer the accusations? How would his children feel about him? Would that answer the challenge to his love and ability to care for his children? No, it would make him look like a terrible person. Similarly, when our Creator’s rulership over his creation was challenged, He did not use His immense power to wipe out those accusing Him of wicked things. Instead He allowed a set period of time to answer this challenge. Is mankind better off ruling themselves? In a sense a court case began.

For a limited time, period, our Creator has allowed rebellion against his sovereignty. Why? To show that no effort to rule without him benefits people. The pages of human history are there for all to see, the evidence is clear.  Human rulers have failed to eliminate war, terrorism, racism, crime, injustice, or disease. In addition the scale of pollution is threatening our air, water, our home and all the creatures that share our home.

The other point of interest my Australian friend raised, was in connection to why our Creator does not intervene when terrible things happen. The list is long, the Holocaust, the Crusades, Hiroshima, the terror attack on the World Trade Center, the explosion in Beirut. These shocking horrendous events that we find heartbreaking – why does our Creator not prevent them from happening? First of all my friend reminded me that our Creator promises to bring back to life all who have died once the earth is clean. But she asked me to consider the issue being answered today. Are humans qualified, competent and equipped to rule? The terrible acts we see are the results of humans oppressing each other. If our Creator kept jumping in everytime humans were going to commit another act of wickedness, would people realize just how corrupt and devastating human rulership has been?

Just to repeat what my Australian friend pointed out….there is nothing that our Creator cannot undo. He has power over death, He is the Creator of life. To reassure us the scriptures poetically describe his His memory as being able to hold the details of billions upon billions of stars. He remembers every detail of every human He has watched from cradle to grave. He yearns to see them living again – healthy, joyful, united with their loved ones on a clean earth, without any threat to their safety and peace.

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Painful as it has been for us to see the wicked things humans can do to each other, it has been more painful for our Creator to see what humans have done. However, He will restore and heal and care for humans. We will learn how to take care of our beautiful home properly, in a way that all thrive. No more terror attacks, which are sometimes rooted in deep anger or desire for vengeance over previous atrocities and mistreatment. No more hatred. No more fear. No more trauma.

They will not cause any harm or any ruin in all my holy mountain, because the earth will certainly be filled with the knowledge of our Creator as the waters cover the sea

ISA 11:9

Conquering The Block Editor

I am trying to get to grips with this block edit that has suddenly appeared on my computer. I have tried to start with shorter posts as the longer posts take me so long.

This is my SHARE-YOUR WORLD post for this week…which took me a lot longer than it normally does! Perhaps I was being too ambitious. We are all in this together! If they change the software…we will find ways to conquer!!!

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I am sure you know that the questions for SHARE-YOUR-WORLD are provided by Melanie, the creator of sparksfromacombustiblemind. You can find her original post below:


Do our fears start with our DNA? 

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I don’t know for certain, so I don’t want to be dogmatic about this. I have not read anything about DNA research on emotions like fear.

But even if there was a tendency to be fearful, or for what exactly incites fear within us embedded in our DNA, I still am minded to think that the more significant factor in our inclination to be fear would be an environmental cause. 

If you could have your hair any colour for 24 hours, what colour would you choose?   

I think blue.

I saw this question recently…was it one of Sandmajazz questions? I think overall I would say electric blue. But unlike the girl in this picture, I would smile.

I will not be dying my hair blue though. I have never dyed my hair in my life. If I was going to start dying it I am sure it would not be blue.

As a teenager, I thing I wanted hot pink hair and to be the bass guitarist in a rock band.

When do you think a person gets old? 

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That’s an interesting question.

The volunteers I have worked with never seemed to get old. We had volunteers in their nineties who were determined to keep working full time. They were usually the first to arrive in the dining room (breakfast was served at 7am) and they had a habit of greeting as many people as possible as they came through the door and having a chat with anyone they were out of touch with.

I think some people think in terms of slowing down, winding down…whereas others don’t see any need to slow down. Often the body dictates and there comes a point where even the most mighty of men have had to acknowledge their limitations in some areas. But retaining a sense of purpose and recognising how much you have to contribute is a good way to help you stay active.

This gives me a chance to tag a song that I have wanted to share with you for ages. It starts “…We are young, we are free….” Some of you will know it well!


Please feel free to write about an uplifting moment in your life this week!

I have had a nice week. I have been busy. But it’s all good busy. I am seeing more people that I know. That’s so good. It’s so good to see people I have not seen all year.

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People are seeing me and Jack together. Social distancing gave us a bubble of privacy we did not have to fight for. But now we are working together on projects, walking around both North London (near to Jack’s home) and all around the area I live holding hands, without any anxiety of what anyone thinks. Face-masks are great. People are less likely to recognise Jack. We can go into shops together and nobody notices Jack floating around. I have to admit I like it.

The temperature is pleasant. I have had some nice walks and enjoyed the breeze. I would like to make sure that I have a daily walk throughout the autumn and winter. It is good for my spirits.

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I have been eating huge amounts of salad and not much else recently. Even though that is simply due to my body craving spring onions and lettuce I feel good for having a sort of “detox”. Every two or three days I make myself up a large green salad – lettuce, rocket, parsley, cucumber, celery and spring onions. I love it.

I found a new show to watch. I struggle with television. So it is nice to find a show I can enjoy. Beautiful scenery and so far the first episodes I have watch have been great.

Tuesdays 9pm Channel 5…”All Creatures Great And Small“.