It’s A Pea-Souper

As soon as I saw Fandango’s picture prompt in this week’s FANDANGO’S FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE, I thought to myself, “That looks like a pea-souper”. What is a pea-souper? The link below takes you to the Wikipedia explanation:

Have you ever been in a pea-souper?

When you feel your life has become a pea-souper…and you are lost in fog so thick that you can barely see your foot in front of you, without knowing how you became so lost and not knowing how to get out of this pickle – do not despair.

Look up – even in a thick fog you can see the stars.  Take the next step in front of you. Then take another small step. Someone can see exactly where you are, how you became lost in this fog, where you have been wandering and what you need to do to get out of the fog.


This was my response to the picture prompt provided in this week’s



I painstakingly produced this post using the block editor and it was an interesting learning curve for me…to say the least. Is that a nice way of putting it?

No electronic devices were harmed in the production of this post…despite the frustration of the user, who was trying to make sense of the block editor.

15 thoughts on “It’s A Pea-Souper”

  1. If you think using the block editor on a laptop or desktop, which I assume you’re using, is like blogging in a pea-soup fog, try using it on an iPhone. It’s like trying to blog while wearing a straight jacket in a padded cell.


    1. I can only imagine.
      I get the picture blogging on a tablet is almost impossible.
      I am confused by the block editor. It seems to have blocks that only work on the web page, but not in WP Reader.
      Why spend so much money on updating software that does not work properly?

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        1. My theory is….and don’t quote me because I don’t know what I am talking about…is that this is all about people or companies that want to use WordPress for a nifty website with lots of features. Most of us regular bloggers probably read 90% of other blogger posts in the Reader. But for a blogger pr a company who wants to make money from their site, looking at their content in the Reader is unlikely to make anything.

          When we read posts in the Reader, we skip all the adverts etc. I think this is about making the Reader less attractive and making it more attractive to visit the websites of users – where we will be exposed to adverts and have a range of features that could help the website owner make some money out of us.

          Am I in the right ballpark with my suspicion? In my case, I am going to stick to reading posts in Reader. The only time I visit anyone’s actual site is on SLS and if they are hosting a prompt and I need to copy and paste to join in the prompt. Everything else I read in reader. Those blogs which only give you a few lines and force you to go to their site. I follow very few of them. I read Ashley Peterson’s posts because she is awesome and a few others who I genuinely enjoy. But I ignore a lot of other bloggers because it makes reading other blogs so much more of a time consuming process.

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          1. I think WordPress is making a big push to meet the needs of business and commercial bloggers, and is tossing us casual/hobby bloggers aside. We’re not where the money is. So yes, I do think you’re very much in the right ballpark.


    1. I am using a mix of both. The major disappointment I have with the block editor is that after all the effort I put in, the post might look good on my website, but it looks awful in the WP Reader. What is the point of that? 90%+ read posts exclusively in the Reader as it saves time.

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