Am I A Honeyfuggler?

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I noticed Melanie’s WOTD post telling us that the Word Of The Day was HONEYFUGGLE. I am going to admit to you that I have never heard that word before. So I asked Google what it meant.

It made me feel a little bit uneasy at first. It referred to someone using flattery and sweet talking in order to deceive someone else, and it inferred this is with the motive of some gain.

Well, I have decided I am not strictly a honeyfuggler, because I don’t go out to deceive or to gain from someone. However, I am a bit of a sweet talker! My friends and colleagues have insinuated that I sweet talk or flirt with patients, customers and clients. But my reason is not to deceive. I just think that often with a spoonful of sugar the medicine goes down.

I mentioned that last week I was sent out onto the streets of South London to charm and enchant the British public. Essentially I was out there to sweet talk them. I was friendly and graceful. I was certainly not there to deceive. I was not making any commission. I was not going to gain personally, but in that context I was being paid my normal hourly rate. Although in some ways, there may be some financial benefit to private health services in association with the NHS and I am sure somewhere along the line the App is supposed to save money and resources.

So…I am not going to let myself be labelled a honeyfuggler. But yes, I confess I am a sweet talker! I can charm and enchant and seduce – yes. I know when it is appropriate to use it though. I love it…and I think that the people I speak to quite enjoy the enchanting little ways I have of drawing their attention to NHS services and how best to access them.


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£11 For An Entire Carriage

I mentioned in another post that when we travelled up north recently, we paid £11 for each ticket. Normally I am thankful just to be able to have a seat. Many a time I have been on that train and it has been packed….every seat taken and people standing up all along the central aisle as well as in the open space near the doors.

But for £11 each, we ended up with an entire carriage to ourselves!



It was kind of bizarre. However, all my anxieties over travel were allayed when I realized we were being well looked after at Euston and on our own for the entire journey. If it wasn’t for the bizarre station staff at the end destination I would have been a very happy bunny.