I Want To Live Forever

I am back at work today. Jack went home yesterday. There is a limit to how many vegan Magnum ice-creams you can eat without feeling sick. But there is no limit to how much enjoyment I gain from my home…your home too.

I don’t understand why anyone thinks that living forever would be boring? Are you kidding me! Once wickedness and injustice and corruption have been removed…I am going to start to live – I mean really live!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 thoughts on “I Want To Live Forever”

    1. I believe they were designed to. I find it fascinating that beautiful views, sunsets, flowers, kittens can lift my heart again and again and again and again. It tells me what life is really about and what I was designed for.

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    1. Thanks Huma – we have a lot of beautiful inspirational things around us that are free! From the extraordinary sky to the tiny birds and flowers we see everyday. Delicious and colourful food and fragrances from flowers. The sound of waves and water in a stream, the rustle of leaves and birdsong. It’s as if our Creator wants us to be very happy and feel very loved.


    1. That makes a lot of sense. Our local supermarket is temporary closed for refurbishment. So I am going to have to walk another mile if I want a vegan ice-cream. Although, I should not complain…that will offset the calories.

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