Frisky Fifty And Fabulous!

I have wanted to find ways to give to Goldfinch recently…for being wonderful. I feel so helpless from 10,100 miles away. So I have been racking my brain to think of little ways I can show him I think of him all the time.

I sent him a very sweet Australian gift – a large dark chocolate connoisseurs collection box from Australian chocolatiers Haigh’s. He probably did not want a big box of chocolates. But I sometimes don’t know how to light up his day from so far away. It is a big box. I hope he will share it with his friends and family and think of me.

How do you give someone a hug from 10,100 miles away? It is so frustrating!

20 thoughts on “Frisky Fifty And Fabulous!”

      1. Yeah, I’m in a long distance relationship – he’s in America and I’m in Australia. I’m looking forward to when the travel restrictions are relaxed enough so that I can go visit him. They’ll probably be relaxed enough for me to go visit him next year. It just hurts so much at times cause I really want to be with him right now but I have to wait.

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    1. lol – yes it is!
      I remember nights when I was feeling amorous and longing for him….he would be at work at his desk – not a time when he was in the mood to sweet talk.
      When he was feeling frisky during Australia’s nighttime, my phone was in my locker at work and I was looking after patients.
      Now things are different. Now Jack and I who are in the same time zone are frisky and amorous at the same time. Keeping a friendship with Goldfinch strong is not threatened by time zones. Nonetheless…I find there are never enough words, never enough gifts to make it clear that I will always be grateful to him.

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  1. Have you seen those bracelets that you both can wear and when you think about each other you just touch your bracelet and theirs will glow, light up and buzz. Then you know your person is thinking about. ❤️

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