Sangria Señorita

Have you heard? Fandango has invited all WordPress bloggers out for a drink. He is buying! So he has asked what we would like to drink. That’s right, isn’t it Fandango?

I go through fads, or crazes when it comes to my tastes and preferred flavours (I inherited this faddishness from my pappa bear). However, in recent weeks, I have become a sangria girl.

Sangría, Wine, Alcohol, Drink, Glass

Ever since Jack has been back from Africa, he has been making a small jug of sangria whenever he comes down here. It’s been too hot to drink wine straight. I have been so thirsty. But he does like to see me switch off to work and become a little giggly.

Last year I had Martini and lemonade everywhere I went. Two summers ago, I drank Pimms too often and then became so bored with it, I still feel averse to drinking Pimms. The year before that it was Mojitos all summer – got bored again. But so far, I am not bored with Sangria! Bring it on Jack…or Fandango…or whoever else wants to buy the drinks.

I do go through phases though. I pick a drink and have it all summer. Then I get bored…and I am like…gotta find new tipple! I have spent the past five days with Jack (bliss) and he kept me and my family well supplied with sangria. He is such a keeper.


This was my response to today’s FANDANGO’S DOG DAYS OF AUGUST:

Fandango’s Dog Days of August


19 thoughts on “Sangria Señorita”

    1. I am really enjoying it. Sometimes he adds fruit. but I am happy with just his mix of red wine, diet lemonade and sparkling water. It is very nice and has the perfect sweetness level for me.


    1. I almost always prefer mixers. I started years ago with the old Bacardi and Coke…and then found white wine spritzers and Martini and lemonade more refreshing.
      Goldfinch is a G&T man. He used to make a version I liked.
      Jack loves wine, but he likes to try whisky (I am not so sure he actually enjoys it, but he is often given a bottle as a thank you for projects he has worked on, so he has a cupboard full of bottles of whisky).

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      1. Do you know, I never touched whisky since I was a teen? It used to give me a really bad hangover (nothing to do with the 6 pints I’d drunk beforehand!) I always started on beer but went onto shorts – I liked rum and coke too. I just think “uck” now. If I drink now it will likely be wine – I used to love visiting the wine regions of France and ended up buying loads directly.


  1. But virtual drinks 😭 I’m waiting for the day when photos of mouthwatering sangrias come to life and I no longer have to imagine paradise.

    I haven’t had alcohol for months. That stuff knocks me out after a couple sips. I’ll trade my voucher for coffee. I need the energy boost. Mmm…. delicious coffee ☕️💕

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    1. I have to have alcohol diluted with lots of diet lemonade. Jack makes the sangria with around one quarter wine, and three quarters lemonade and sparkling water…which is very refreshing.

      I love my coffee early in the morning.

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      1. Diet anything I don’t drink because of the aftertaste. Even the alcohol can’t really mask the diet aftertaste. I could imagine that lemonade and sangria would go very well together 😋


    1. lol – sounds like she is a riot!

      I am funny with drinking out in public. With a meal in a restaurant I will have a glass of wine. If I go our for drinks with friends, I will let myself have one alcoholic drink (normally I am boring and pick Martini and lemonade) and then I have diet coke or lemonade for the rest of the night. I get a bit nervous about who might be around.

      But if I am at a friend’s dinner party or BBQ etc, I feel more relaxed and might have a few drinks. I probably drink more when I am at home with Jack. It’s easier. When I am tired (because I get sleepy very quickly, I can go straight to bed). I don’t drink every time Jack is here. I won’t drink on a work night, but when I know I have a couple of days off, Jack is quick to encourage me to have another drink, especially if I am talking about work too much.


      1. Working in the pub trade for best of 20 years has proven Teachers are the worst when they have a few drinks and are completely incapable of organising a preorder

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      2. I don’t drink at home because I like the social aspect of the pub, and since I drink real ale it is something that never quite works in a bottle. Lockdown I only had one beer which was to toast a work colleague in an online memorial service

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