Sangria Señorita

Have you heard? Fandango has invited all WordPress bloggers out for a drink. He is buying! So he has asked what we would like to drink. That’s right, isn’t it Fandango?

I go through fads, or crazes when it comes to my tastes and preferred flavours (I inherited this faddishness from my pappa bear). However, in recent weeks, I have become a sangria girl.

Sangría, Wine, Alcohol, Drink, Glass

Ever since Jack has been back from Africa, he has been making a small jug of sangria whenever he comes down here. It’s been too hot to drink wine straight. I have been so thirsty. But he does like to see me switch off to work and become a little giggly.

Last year I had Martini and lemonade everywhere I went. Two summers ago, I drank Pimms too often and then became so bored with it, I still feel averse to drinking Pimms. The year before that it was Mojitos all summer – got bored again. But so far, I am not bored with Sangria! Bring it on Jack…or Fandango…or whoever else wants to buy the drinks.

I do go through phases though. I pick a drink and have it all summer. Then I get bored…and I am like…gotta find new tipple! I have spent the past five days with Jack (bliss) and he kept me and my family well supplied with sangria. He is such a keeper.


This was my response to today’s FANDANGO’S DOG DAYS OF AUGUST:

Fandango’s Dog Days of August

Your Dreams Are My Dreams

I know you. I know what is in your heart.

I may have never met you, but I know that before you ever took your first breath there was something planted deep within you. I know what your treasured desires are. I know what you were designed for. I know exactly where you would thrive.

I know that one day…you will have the chance to see all that you hold dear become a reality. You see…you and I…we are family. We share the same dreams. You and I, and he and she, and them over there…if we start working together and learning from each other – we will live to see our dreams come true!!

I also know that right now, there are worries that oppress you. I know that the reminders that there are injustices, suffering, pollution and cruelty on a scale never ever seen before sometimes make you feel that those dreams of yours will never come true. But they will. They will because the person who planted those dreams in you, shares your dreams. Soon…not long now…those dreams will become reality!