I’ve Been Talking In My Sleep

nasIt turns out that I am a sleep-talker. It came to my attention when I was a teenager. My sister Milly told me first (we shared a room) and then at sleep-overs with friends, they would have fun asking me questions when I began to sleep-talk.

Goldfinch told me I was sleep talking one night. I am not sure what I said but it concerned him. I do remember waking up very upset. It may have been a flashback I was having. I was a bit bewildered.

Jack has also told me that I sleep talk. He said it is normally just muttering. Sometimes he thinks I am going over a shopping list. Other times it’s as if I am trying to negotiate with someone and not doing a very good job of persuading them.

It fascinates me that while I am unconscious all sorts could be leaving my lips. I might get myself into big trouble without realizing!