Needing Some Style Advice

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Family summer garden party for a special celebration coming up very soon. I opened my wardrobe and groaned, “I have nothing to wear” (which is not true). Jack picked up on my whining and told me he wanted to treat me to a new dress. This is exciting to me because all my dresses came from charity shops or as “hand-me-downs” from friends. New dress!!! It’s like the most exciting thing to happen this year!!!

Do you think I can pick one? Jack is being patient…but he has to place an order very soon to get it on next day delivery. I have narrowed it down to five dresses…but I am stuck now.


I would love your opinion. Bear in mind I am a caramel blonde (my hair is very long at the moment, but I am ringing every salon I can find to ask of I can make a last minute appointment to trim my straggly ends) and of an hourglass figure. That means Dress 2 and 5 are not the style of dress that suit my shape. Anyway…what do you think?

Samana Lace Shirt Dress

Paige Tapework Lace Dress

Rushelle Dress

Maralina Fit And Flare Dress

Porta Lace Dress



34 thoughts on “Needing Some Style Advice”

    1. I think #3 looks fun. I have been trying to find out what my sisters and my mum are wearing and it sounds as if they are hoping the weather is decent so they can wear floaty floral maxi dresses. My sisters have a thing for maxi dresses. Mum has a floral print cocktail dress lined up (my mother has the most amazing legs). WIth them mentioning florals, I am thinking #1 might be a better choice.

      Jack made the mistake of typing in floral print dresses into the Phase Eight site and has shown me more dresses…now I am even more confused!


      1. Yep! Sadly, I can’t really wear dresses due to the fact that while I have a decent figure, dresses don’t look good on me, but if I could, I’d eagerly buy the purple one.
        Which dress did you end up choosing?

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        1. In the end we ordered three dresses, so I could try them on and then keep one and return two. So we ordered #1, #3 and #4. But I had an email in my inbox when I came home to say one of the dresses was not available. So the decision should be easier.

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    1. I love that dress too. The only thing that makes me slightly reluctant is that because I have had to work so many extra hours throughout the summer, I have not been out in the sun. My skin seems to pale at the moment. Jack said that if I was more tanned then the white dress would be perfect.

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    1. I did get chocolate on my dress! I made that chocolate espresso tart I tried for the Bake-Off. It was a winner with my family, except for Milly, who does not like coffee flavouring.

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