Gasping For Clean Air

I was talking with Jack the other day about “the world” that mankind has developed. More and more I feel sickened by the results of mankind’s rulership. Sickened. I always was appalled as I learned about the layers of mankind’s history. People speak of conquests, I hear suffering and oppression and cruelty.

Mountains, Alpine, Reservoir

But recently, the abysmal amount of evidence incriminating human rulerships seems to be stacking up and up. I told Jack that I am finding it hard to switch off to the level of injustices, corruption, abuses, callous ruination of both planet and people.

Do you ever wish that you could be somewhere clean? Untarnished by wickedness. Somewhere with clear fresh air, pure water, uncontaminated. There are some people who are like that. I feel more and more I need to be with people who are clean.

More and more this world is making me feel physically sick. It’s not the planet we live on I am talking about. It’s the pervasive spirit or atmosphere. It’s unhealthy. Many of us have become accustomed to breathing in smog. But I am finding I am becoming more sensitive to it.

This world has wrapped itself up into a complicated sticky web. It is passing away. It is passing away and so is it’s desire. Until then…I seek pure, clean air, so that I do not suffocate on the insidious poisonous smog this world churns out.