Mr Portillo, If You Are Reading This…

I forgot to tell you…I was walking to work recently, when I realized that Michael Portillo was walking towards me.

Three things went through my mind. The first thing I noticed is that he was wearing pinky red trousers. The second thing I noticed was that he seemed shorter than I am, although Wikipedia claims he is three inches taller than I am. I guess I was walking down hill and he was walking up hill, so he may have seemed shorter at the time.

Anyway, I have no connection with human politics, but I have watched Mr Portillo present some travel programs including one where he travelled in Australia – heart skips a beat.

For a split second I wondered if I should say “Hello, I have enjoyed your travel programs”. But I didn’t. Partly because I was rushing on my way to work, and partly because there were a number of people walking up the hill. It seemed quite a crowded section of the high street. It doesn’t seem clever during social distancing to go greeting people I don’t even know in the middle of a crowded part of London.

But Mr Portillo, if you are reading this, I just wanted to say, I genuinely have enjoyed some of your travel programs, especially when you were over in Australia. I would have liked to have seen more. Perhaps if you go back, you could explore Adelaide.

Skyline, Night Lights, City, Night

21 thoughts on “Mr Portillo, If You Are Reading This…”

    1. How lovely! My uncle worked with trains for a long time. After working for rail companies here in England, he moved to Australia and was directing rail networks there.
      Mr Portillo certainly likes colour!

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  1. I like his travel shows, too. My impression of him has changed quite drastically since he retired from politics, although I doubt he has actually changed much, we just see a different side of him. There was also a late-night political show called This Week, hosted by Andrew Neill) on which he was a pundit. I used to enjoy that – his views were not mine but he was articulate and intelligent.


  2. Pink trousers? You did well not to be associated with them. People in pink trousers eat warm weetabix and believe James Blunt is an example of egregious Chinese interference with our cultural memes. Avoid even eye contact or you’ll find yourself browsing tweed overgarments online and envying your neighbour’s waterbutt.


    1. I have a confession….on the rare occasion that I do eat Weetabix, I eat it warm. I pour hot water on it and maybe a little honey. Even worse…after living out in the countryside for a number of the years…riding boots and tweed are my go-to for rainy days!

      James Blunt was a close friend of a family I used to live with…so I won’t hear a word against him.


    1. When I saw him, he seemed to be on his own (without camera crew etc) so I assume the colour is a permanent feature of his wardrobe. He looked good.


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