Have Your Ever Had THAT Dream?

Fly, Girl, Moon, Fairy, Witch, WomanSometimes my friends and I chat about dreams. On occasion, we have had similar dreams. Apparently, I am not the only one who has had that dream where I was walking on the ceiling.

Or the dream where I walk into my boss’ office and find him sitting at his desk naked. Or the one where I am in court, waiting to be sentenced in the dock and the jury find me guilty. Or how about the one where I have forgotten to turn the taps off and the whole house is filled with water, and I have to swim through the house desperately searching for a plug so that I can let the water drain away.

Anyway…have you ever had THAT dream where you are flying? Lots of my friends have said they have had flying dreams. I have had flying dreams too. Well…the guys in this video have captured my dream!

27 thoughts on “Have Your Ever Had THAT Dream?”

    1. Yes! Indeed! However, once that particular nightmare did come true…a boss of mine decided to reveal his crown jewels, causing a very vehement objection from me!!!
      Teeth falling out! Aaaagh!

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      1. I’ve had a falling dream which woke me up as I thought I was falling off the bed, but I believe that one is quite common. Mostly I can’t remember my dreams, although it’s funny how you can wake up happy or sad, and that sets the tone for the whole day. My wife has had dreams where she says “I freampt that you left me / got divorced or something, and she has been funny with me when she finally woke up. And I’m, like, huh?

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