Another Cover Story

Apricots, Apricot Tree, Fruit, YellowLast year, when Gary, Jeanne and I were working on the 2019 BAKE-OFF, I was recovering from a sad loss. It cheered me up immensely to have lovely occupation for my mind. I had also been writing “ditties”…some WordPress viewers were kind enough to call them “poems”, but they were more me putting down words from my heart without following any rules. It was good for me to have that avenue to grieve.

Earlier this year, a friend of mine helped me combine my ditties and journal entries into a little book. I have mentioned it before, but it’s such a personal “project” of mine…I like to keep it in my special untouchable place.

dittisMy friend helped me to publish a collection of ditties I wrote when I lost my little apricot. I was very pleased to have a paperback copy of the finished result. But I was not really sure about the cover.

I have learnt that after you have written a story or poetry cover, finding a cover that expresses something of what is within can be a real challenge.

That was especially so with something I wanted to be a permanent record, a keepsake of something very special and sad that I experienced. The one thing I could not bear is if my little apricot was forgotten as if she (if she was a she) was of no value.

I lost her, and naturally I was saddened. But it would make me more sad if it was as if she was never a part of me. She is a part of me, always! She sleeps soundly in a safe place near to my family in Snowdonia. She sleeps soundly in my heart.

Anyway…this is another cover story…another! I found a much better cover that captures the spirit of the contents of my book of journal entries and ditties about someone I never had chance to hold in my arms, but whom I don’t want to be forgotten.

Woman, Beach, Sea, Ocean, Freedom, Water

So…I asked my friend to talk me through the whole cover process (so patient he is) including making sure there are cover credits on the inside page and then I pressed publish. The only thing I am worried about is the white text. There was no colour that was right, so I went with white. I hope it will look ok. I am going to order an author copy to see how it looks.

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