Matt Evuns Has Nailed It

Depression, Loneliness, Man, Mood I have been working and working and working, hardly spending any waking time at home through the past six months, but my friends who were working from home or who had lost their jobs, all say they have been very stressed and are so glad now that they can start to socialize again and be with people.

For months, their whole social life was online. Some of my friends said their use of social media increased a lot. I have never been interested in Facebook. I don’t tweet…I don’t have Twitter. I get the feeling I am not missing out on much. But every now and then a friend shows me something that is doing the rounds, and it does seem very funny.

My friend showed me an article someone had written about the effect of the pandemic, the social distancing…and everything else that has occured in 2020. I came home and I have been looking for that article, but it seems that several publishers, magazines, media outlets have all written similar articles. Here are two of them:

…so although the content of this post is just based on what my friend showed me is already on line, I guess the most important person to credit with making a lot of us chuckle is Matt Evuns. If you were asked to describe 2020 in eleven seconds, could you do it? Well, Matt Evuns has nailed it!…with the help of Olivia Colman.

Matt @MattEvuns who has a Twitter account, has produced a “mash-up” of Olivia Colman’s Oscars Speech. If you are not sure who Olivia Colman is, let me tell you she is a great actress! Matt Evuns uses Olivia’s speech to describe each month of 2020 so far…you can see at the bottom of the screen the months passing. My friend thought it was hilarious, and it did make me laugh.

Although, seriously, I don’t think snogging everyone you know has the approval of the government nor their science advisors.

I then I realized I have not watched the Oscars ever, although I have seen occasional clips. I decided I would find the whole of her speech on YouTube (because I love watching her work).

This is the YouTube video showing her full acceptance speech. Bless her – she looks traumatised at the start. I could not make out what she says after she mentions her job as a cleaner, but is sounded great. I love a speech that is that natural and unpretentious. Maybe I just like people who are natural and unpretentious.

9 thoughts on “Matt Evuns Has Nailed It”

  1. For some reason, the Twitter link doesn’t work for me, but I watched her speech, what a sweetheart 🙂


    1. She is very endearing, isn’t she!

      If you google search Olivia Colman 2020 Mashup or something like that, it is very easy to find Matt’s video – I think it has “gone viral”!


  2. I actually *did* watch the Oscars once, it was the year I was in the US and I watched it in the best way possible – in a bar getting very drunk. It was the year Mel Gibson won with Braveheart. There you go – make you feel young 😆.
    If you’d said Olivia Coleman to me, I’d have probably said actress, but that’s as good as it gets. I’ll take your word that she’s half-decent.

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    1. lol – I was just thinking that! I think I was three when Braveheart won!
      Hee hee!!! Maybe I was a little bit older.

      Olivia Coleman is an actress who kept on cropping up in things I watched and I thought she was great. To see her suddenly in starring roles has been fabulous.

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      1. I remember Braveheart, I remember watching the oscars in a bar. I know that I was in the US in 96, that is the only way I can link all three.
        I must look out for this girl’s name in things. I tried to watch The Post before (recorded from last night) but when the hoover started up, then the music, I knew fate was not on my side!


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