We Can’t Neglect The Meat Eaters

Jack mentioned to me yesterday that our picnic so far a vegetarian event. I just happen to be a vegetarian, so there are no complaints from me about that! However, I can assure you that one of our fantastic bloggers has brought some meat to the picnic!

If you like meat, I am sure you will be very glad to see that Margot Hamilton Margot Hamilton, the creator of Margot Dreams of Baking, has brought along to the PICNIC these amazing pulled pork sandwiches on homemade buns with coleslaw.


Margot please forgive me…the BAKING and PICNIC creations are testing my ability to make a musical connection. I chose this song because I was struggling to think of a song, but I am not saying pulled pork is greasy…or is it? I have no idea!

But it is such a fun track for a SUMMER PICNIC – don’t you think!!!

9 thoughts on “We Can’t Neglect The Meat Eaters”

    1. The only “pulled” dish I have tried was pulled jackfruit, which was very yummy.
      These look great through. Margot has made so many delicious treats!


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