Thank You For A Perfect Weekend!

gvfaddvdIt has been a hard year for so many of us. In one way or another, we have all been anxious, stressed, confused and afraid by the events of this year.

That’s why this weekend has been an absolute joy for us! Thank you all for a perfect perfect weekend! WordPress bloggers and writers and all those who joined us for the weekend have made us forget so many of our worries and look forward to great times ahead.

For our final post, we are featuring the PICNIC creations of our 2019 STAR BAKER, Sheree, the creator of View from the Back. Sheree certainly knows how to picnic!!! This is the post she published sharing with us the contents of her PICNIC basket:

shesAnd you really do need to visit Sheree’s post…there are so many amazing PICNIC snacks…I did not know which to show in this post! I hope you had chance to see Sheree’s STAR BAKER (2019) interview. If not, head on over, it is great!

Catching Up With Sheree – Our Star Baker From 2019

What a great day! What amazing BAKES and PICNIC creations. We have seen some outstanding talent and we have drooled throughout the parade of photos sent in by our superb bloggers.

I want to say a few THANK YOUS to some very special bloggers who behind the scenes have been supporting THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 SUMMER PICNIC to make it something very special. The first person I would like to thank is:


…to all of the GREAT BLOGGERS who were busy in their kitchens BAKING and making PICNIC treats! We are absolutely thrilled with the array of photos we received, and totally stoked that so many of you took part! You are all THE BEST!!! I know some of you have had huge health challenges of your own recently. I also know from your own blogging posts that many of you have lost loved ones during this year’s pandemic and may have been anxious and stressed about finances and the safety of your family during recent months. We are so glad you took some time out to get involved in THE BAKE-OFF…it is overwhelming to see the PICNIC FEAST you all helped put together.

Thank you for making THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 SUMMER PICNIC such a spectacular weekend!!!!!!! We are so proud of you! Remember this important rule essential in blogging and in life in general:


Sorry about all the teasing Gary!! You are awesome!!!


51 thoughts on “Thank You For A Perfect Weekend!”

    1. We were hoping it would be exactly that!
      We have loved working on THE BAKE-OFF posts these past few weeks and the joy of seeing them all published and how much they brightened the weekend up was great.
      I am sure we were designed to enjoy feasts with family and friends, enjoying colourful food and great music. Life should have much more of summer international picnics and joy!!! We thrive on it!

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  1. Literally drooled throughout the parade of photos 😋😋 Sure Jeanne will have a very difficult job 😌
    Thank you all for your hard work! What a party and what a great community!
    A huge hug to all of you 🤗

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    1. Seriously Ribana – we have given Jeanne a momentous task!!!
      Gary and I are so happy to have Jeanne to decide on STAR BAKER – it would be too much for us!!!
      We have had a great time!!! It’s been such a joyful weekend!! ❤

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  2. You have done a fantastic job of compiling all the entries and arranging music with them accordingly. It was such a fun weekend and a big thank you to you for all the effort you’ve put in. You go girl!

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  3. Thanks for putting this event together! It’s been fun to see all the posts and get new ideas! What a lot of work for you and all the rest working behind the scenes!

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    1. I am so glad that we had so many photographs sent in early!!! It helped to get a head start on preparing posts and scheduling them in advance.
      But it was all great fun!!! We are overwhelmed with the wonderful response!!! ❤

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  4. Thank you so much, Mel, for the honourable mention! I am truly amazed at the overwhelming response. I have saved all the posts to try at leisure.
    Thanks a lot for hosting this incredibly yummy picnic spread and all the effort you put in. ❤️
    A special hug to Jack for being such a darling!🤗 I hope his fingers are better now.

    Good luck to Jeanne!!

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    1. Jack is itching to take me out of this little nest and have some fresh air! He has been a darling!!!

      I think we are giving Jeanne a very very tough role! But I am sure she is thrilled with the response!

      It’s been colourful, it’s been delicious, it’s been inspiring…and oh so joyful!!! ❤
      I am delighted with the picnic feast that was produced!!! Our wonderful bloggers certainly brightened up WordPress this weekend!

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  5. A huge thanks to Mel (and Jack), Gary and Jeanne for allowing us to showcase our many and varied talents in the kitchen. It’s been a much-needed fun weekend? Everything has looked so tempting, it’s just as well one doesn’t absorb calories from browsing! That is right, isn’t it?

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    1. lol – I feel as if I have put weight on this weekend….sitting in front of a laptop and being looked after by gorgeous Jack!

      The BAKE-OFF has been fabulous fun! We love that it truly had an international flavour to it, and attracted some of the loveliest bloggers!!! So joyful!! ❤

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    1. Jeanne has an immense task ahead of her!

      We really did want to celebrate so much of what makes life wonderful, the beautiful variety of food and drink, great music, the variety of colours, flavours, spices to add to our enjoyment, special people who love kindness and reflect joy!

      When stress levels rise, it is sometimes a shame we forget that life is a very special gift. There is so much in this economic system that is not really there to bring us joy, just to distract us from what really counts (and gobble up our time and money)…
      …but the chance to celebrate what a we could do with having a lot more of – happy events with family and friends who want this earth to be beautiful and clean…

      I think WordPress bloggers made something very special this weekend! ❤

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      1. This is so beautifully said, it brought a little tear to my eye! There is so much out there that is unnecessary distracting, and you are so right that it pulls us away from what is real, what is essential. Thank you so much reminding us to celebrate every minute!

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    1. ❤ ❤ ❤
      If you can attempt a better souffle than Gary's (I know I tease him to much!) or a more roll-shaped roulade than me…or make a choco lava mug cake without injuring yourself, smashing a ramekin and launching hot chocolate goo all over the kitchen – you definitely qualify to be in THE BAKE-OFF!!!
      We need six months to recover from this year…and then I am sure we will be making plans for th 2021 BAKE-OFF! It's all so much fun!!!

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    1. I think 75% we had put together over the last few weeks. It was all scheduled to be published. But we had some late submissions, which was great, but as well as making new posts, I had to keep reshuffling the schedule! I ended up with a few blogging blunders. One post that ended up being published on Saturday evening claimed it was lunchtime (corrected it now) and another post we published at lunch claimed it was very late at night and time for me to say goodnight!!! Jack took great pleasure at teasing me over those!

      There were so many wonderful comments to keep up with!!!

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