If You Like Pizza, You Will Love Pide

One of Jack’s proudest accomplishments is that he may have tried every Turkish restaurant in North London. So he was very enthusiastic about the next delight we have for you.

Margot Hamilton Margot Hamilton, the creator of Margot Dreams of Baking, has proved herself a true Queen in the kitchen, as you can see from her amazing photos this weekend. This is Turkish Pide, which is essentially pizza shaped like a boat. Margot created two delicious different varieties, one with Cheese and Olives (which would be perfect for me Margot!) and one with a Beef Kofte filling.

Margot told us exactly how she created these fabulous pides in her post below:



Jack has promised to take me to a Turkish restaurant up in Haringey, where he says I can try pide for myself. Jack taking me on a date in Haringey…I must be in love!

Well…even though we are talking Turkish pizza in this case…it was so much easier to find a song with a link to pizza than it was pide! Fast forward to 3:15 to discover the pizza connection!



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