A Red Velvet Danish

We have our second of two amazing Danish bloggers who create fantastic posts on WordPress. We all know the Danes are famed for their delicious viennoiserie…but they make pretty awesome cakes too!

And…it is a delightful cake we have from KiannaKitter   Kianna Kitter, is truly flying the flag for Denmark! Kianna baked a Red Velvet Cake, filled with vanilla cream. After glazing her cake, Kianna decorated it with (Danish red and white) sparkles and red fruits, reminiscent of the fine-looking flag of Denmark!


There are so many songs on the theme “red”…I checked out scores, to the point that I became really fussy! But eventually I settled on one because I liked the video. But as Kianna’s submission is now taking THE BAKE-OFF into the early hours of Monday morning (here in London), I thought I would tag one of my favourite party songs.

Don’t you just love that WordPress bloggers have had a party for the entire weekend…and we are still partying in the early hours of Monday morning! Yayyyyyyy!



16 thoughts on “A Red Velvet Danish”

  1. Haha, I wouldn’t do that to Gary. He has a son to raise and needs all the money he can get 😉 Thanks for the lovely post 🙂

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    1. After the weeks of training in his kitchen, he has developed a unique fusion of contemporary art and modern “high-end” cooking. We are going to start opening up exhibitions to show his creations…soon he will be a multi-millionaire…when he is you make sure you put your expenses claim in before he spends all that money on marshmallows!

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    1. lol – it’s only because it is 1.30am here in London and my gorgeous Jack keeps on telling me it is time for sleep. I have been working on more and more BAKE-OFF posts, but I think I am about to fall asleep on my laptop!

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    1. lol – Jack is thinking of suing Atara after his fingertips were scorched trying to recreate her Choco Lava Mug Cake. I told him he would lose the lawsuit…she didn’t say it was a ramekin cake…it was supposed to be a mug cake. So he can’t hold Atara responsible for his injury!

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