Take Us To Wonderland

Our relaxing Sunday morning continues with more beautiful flowers. But not just flowers…we have kittens too! And…..CHOCOLATE GANACHE! I am in paradise…a paradise officially called DINAH IN WONDERLAND.

We have had a phenomenal selection of goodies from robbiesinspiration Robbie, the creator of Robbie’s inspiration, who has made some spectacular celebration cakes for her family. This was Robbie’s post describing a cake inspired by Dinah, the black cat from Alice In Wonderland:


Robbie – please don’t tell me the kittens in this cake were eaten! They are too cute to gobble up.


Our mellow Sunday morning has been wonderful…but there is still more to come. WordPress bloggers have been very busy baking and making for THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 SUMMER PICNIC!!!

Sometimes there is just too much choice when it comes to songs!!!

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