GoodNight To All The Great Bloggers Out There

What an amazing day it has been!! Thank you to all the amazing bloggers who have supported our talented bakers and picnic snack makers. We are thrilled to have had you with us today. I really need to sleep now…but more is in store for tomorrow!!!

I wanted to end today with one more contribution from robbiesinspiration Robbie, the creator of Robbie’s inspiration, who has supplied us with some amazing BAKING and PICNIC creations throughout THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 SUMMER PICNIC.

These are Robbie’s Buttermilk Rusks, (with a cuppa on the side!) and to me they look ideal to say goodnight and sleep tight to.


I must admit I need sleep, so does my pal who has been forwarding his favourite posts to friends and family all day. His sister (the pro-baker) is very impressed!

Anyway…time for bed!

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