Gary You’re The Best!

I have found it hard to keep track of Gary’s accomplishments in recent weeks! He has taken on chocolate cake, doughnuts, muffins? (not sure what that was last night)…and wait until you see his soufflè!!

But this bake from Gary, aka bereavedandbeingasingleparent, is a Classic Sponge Cake, smothered in a cream topping almost as high as the cake! Love it!

This is Gary’s phenomenal post proving that he really did make this:


Gary!!!!!! I think we are seeing an astonishing transformation in your kitchen skills!  What can I say? Nobody does it better!!

13 thoughts on “Gary You’re The Best!”

    1. In many respects! I think he is nailing the classics. The inventiveness with flavour combinations is causing some concern amongst other WordPress bloggers. But they do have funny tastes in Yorkshire.

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