Beautiful Blogging And Baking

Throughout the summer months I live on salad and something on the side. Most of the time, that side is quiche! I love quiche. I love variety, so I am always experimenting and looking for different combinations of veggies to quiche-ify!

I was very pleased when I saw that theresaly520 theresaly520, the creator of the beautiful website Culture Shocks, had sent in her photos of her Mushroom Quiche.

To me…quiche is iconically SUMMER, PICNIC and of course BAKING! Which makes it the perfect addition to THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 SUMMER PICNIC! This is Sa’s gorgeous post where she shares with us her fabulous baking and the great recipes she followed:


I could have chosen the B-52s famous “Quiche Lorraine” song…but inspired by our the beautiful images that Sa uses on her site (her site really is one of the most beautiful on WordPress), I wanted to perpetuate more beauty, summer, nature, love and wonderful! We love you Sa! Your posts are so beautiful!

I should have warned Kristian this song was coming!

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