Wow! Is An Understatement

Debbie, Baking for Therapy  Debbie, the creator of Baking for Therapy, is one very special lady. I was moved when I read of the challenges Debbie has had and she has presented baking in a whole new light. Debbie told us that she bakes for therapy. She has had a a rollercoaster of a ride with her health in recent years after an accident and a subsequent diagnosis that sounds as if it has been an ordeal.

But if I have learnt one thing about Debbie after reading her posts, it is that she doesn’t let anything stop her. This is Debbie’s post describing all the work that went into this astonishing cake – yes that’s right, this is a cake!!!


One thing Debbie told us, which I loved, was that during the recent STAY AT HOME restrictions she took online cake classes. I am sure a lot of us have found the restrictions frustrating at times, but Debbie has clearly used that time very well. What an incredible talent!

Well…I will admit, the song that the FAST FOOD CAKE made my mind leap to is slightly annoying (although less annoying when it is children rather than adults who are dancing to it).

But because Debbie is such a great example of positive thinking and using the time we have had to STAY AT HOME during social distancing restrictions to learn new skills, improve our talents, create joy and keep giving in any way possible…I wanted to link to one of the most positive videos I saw during the past few months:

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