The Great And The Gooseberries

Goosberry Crumble Cake - Bakeoff

You know Kristian, Jack reckons that we are just over an hour (that’s if there is no traffic at all on the roads) away from Essex…he and I would happily jump in his car and come to visit you to tuck in to your crumble. We’ll call you when we pass Brentwood so you can put the kettle on for us! ❤  I told Jack it will be real tea at your place! We want to meet the chick-a-dees!

Goosberry Crumble Cake, Closeup

I have two songs for you…

I chose STAND BY ME for three reasons… Firstly because it mentions the word “crumble”. (I have a very short list of songs that use the word crumble, and fortunately we only have two crumbles in this year’s BAKE OFF!) Secondly, because Kristian is such a great blogger. It’s people like Kristian that made me want to stick around on WordPress…such a lovely person and such a supportive blogger. Thirdly, I picked this song because it is our song…not Kristian and me…Jack and me…and Jack has made a contribution to the BAKE-OFF this year (as you will see later)!

The second song is here for the sake of gooseberries…how many songs can you think of that mention gooseberries???

Country life has its advantages,’ he used to say. ‘You sit on the veranda drinking tea and your ducklings swim on the pond, and everything smells good. . . and there are gooseberries.” ― Anton Chekhov, Gooseberries

21 thoughts on “The Great And The Gooseberries”

  1. This bake off is such a great idea and a lovely way to meet other bloggers! What a shame I’m out and about this weekend so I can’t bake up a storm…but I will be following the exciting events: may the best bake win! 🏆 🍰 🧁


    1. I know right! Every photo submission had to have a musical link…and some bakes have truly challenged me…Jack is calling me DJ Desperate or DJ Dodgy as he looks through my posts.
      He keeps trying to think up new songs to add! The one thing we seem to argue about is music!!! Jack is working in Essex next week…somewhere near the coast though.

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    1. When I lived out in the countryside, so many of my friends had gooseberries growing near them. We had a lot of gooseberry desserts. Here in London, I have friends who don’t even know what gooseberries are!

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        1. I have friends in Wales and in Berkshire who have them growing in their gardens. I always know when I go to visit there will be something with gooseberries on the table.

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